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Switch on any of these filters to completely hide leads that don't have this information.

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Choose What You See

Many users have suggested they only need specific data for their project without all the clutter.

For each group of data type you can choose to hide it or only view online or only include in the exported files or show everywhere.

If you never pick up the phone, you may aswell hide phone numbers. Don't send postal mail? You can hide the address. The width of your screen is limited, so we suggest choosing the most important data to you to view online, and include the rest in your exported CSV/Excel files.

Find out who is hosting the email of the business (ie GSuite, Outlook, Zoho etc).

Using FB Pixel or Google Remarketing

FB, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger

Google Analytics, Mobile Friendly, WP Detect, Google Position, Linkedin Analytics etc

Shows if they have a live paid campaign on Facebook, Instagram, FB Messenger and Yelp.

Get follow/follows counts, if the business is verified, average likes and comment counts over last 12 photos.

Yelp, Facebook and Google Review Scores

Street, City, State and ZIP

Main Category of Business

For .com/.net only. View expiry & registration dates, nameserver provider and Registrar.

Links to Google Maps and Google Search for each business
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