Fitness in

P Business Address 1 City Zip Country
Hest Fitness(361) 4730 S Padre Island DrCorpus Christi78411United States
Top Notch Tumble & Cheer(361) 9836 Leopard StreetCorpus Christi78410United States
T2G Fitness LLC(361)
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522 Everhart RdCorpus Christi78411United States
Superior Martial Arts Corpus Christi, TX(361)
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7426 S Staples StCorpus Christi78413United States
IronHorse Powerlifting
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Holly RdCorpus Christi78412United States
Planet Fitness(361)
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11330 Leopard StreetCorpus Christi78410United States
Soul Fit(361)
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5876 Everhart Road Ste. BCorpus Christi78411United States
Next Generation Fitness 24/7(361)
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4535 SPID Ste 1Corpus Christi78411United States
RowZone Corpus Christi(361)
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5625 Saratoga BlvdCorpus Christi78414United States
Revive Fitness Services (361)
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Corpus Christi (Texas) 78411Corpus Christi78411United States
Pinnacle Performance and Fitness(361)
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3636 S Alameda StCorpus Christi78411United States
Padre Island Health and Fitness (361)
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Bob Hall PierCorpus Christi78408United States
ZuMama Fitness(361)
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3126 Holly RdCorpus Christi78415United States
ZMommy & Me Fitness(361)
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6081 Weber RdCorpus Christi78413United States
Stay Fit Foods CC (361)
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4214 S Alameda StCorpus Christi78412United States
Your Personal Best Training Studio(361)
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4102 S Staples St Ste ECorpus Christi78411United States
KO Sports Training/Corpus Christi Muay Thai(361)
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15602 Northwest BlvdRobstown78380United States
Corpus Christi Texas Fit Chicks(361)
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3750 Cimarron BlvdCorpus Christi78414United States
SoarFit Personal Training(361)
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4855 S. AlamedaCorpus Christi78412United States
FIT4MOM Corpus Christi(361)
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318 N. ChaparralCorpus Christi78401United States
Sports Fitness Solutions(361)
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9450 S Padre Island Dr Suite #7Corpus Christi78418United States
Studio X(361)
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4855 S Alameda StCorpus Christi78412United States
Results Personal Training Corpus Christi, Texas...(361)
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6646 S Staples StCorpus Christi78413United States
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Seawall on North Padre Island (next to Holiday Inn)Corpus Christi78418United States
Main Gate CrossFit(361)
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622 Claride StCorpus Christi78418United States
Freedom Fitness - SPID(361)
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5858 SPIDCorpus Christi78412United States
Contender CrossFit(830)
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5432 Holly RdCorpus Christi78411United States
361 KITE(361)
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4242 Laguna Shores Dr.Corpus Christi78418United States
I.B. FiT(361)
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5809 Patton StCorpus Christi78414United States
H-Fitness (361)
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4742 Molina Dr.Corpus Christi78416United States
GEF Indoor Soccer(361)
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4630 Corona Dr Suite CCorpus Christi78411United States
Gracie Barra Corpus Christi(361)
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6102 Ayers StCorpus Christi78415United States
Fitness Outfitters (361)
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Appointment OnlyCorpus Christi78411United States
Flex Fit Gym 24/7 - Corpus Christi(361)
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5017 Saratoga BlvdCorpus Christi78413United States
All Good Fitness Downtown(361)
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319 Peoples StCorpus Christi78401United States
Fitness For Life Personal Training (361)
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6458 SaratogaCorpus Christi784124United States
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7114 Saratoga BlvdCorpus Christi78414United States
DMP Boxing Gym (361)
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1011 Louisiana AveCorpus Christi78404United States
CrossFit Gorilla Den(361)
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9840 Leopard StCorpus Christi78410United States
CrossFit DownTown Corpus(361)
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318 N Chaparral StCorpus Christi78401United States
Snap Fitness 24/7 - Corpus Christi(361)
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6534 Yorktown BlvdCorpus Christi78414United States
SHINE Dance Fitness - with Nichole Bair
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6500 S Padre Island Dr #19Corpus Christi78412United States
Corpus Christi Boxing Club(361)
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5540 SaratogaCorpus Christi78413United States
C.C. Allstar Gym (361)
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3126 Holly RdCorpus Christi78415United States
Bombshell Fit(361)
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Independent distributor 3131 McArdle Rd STE. ACorpus Christi78415United States
Zumba at Healthy Living Fitness Club (361)
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5205 Embassy DrCorpus Christi78411United States
Insanity Live at Healthy Living Fitness Club(361)
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5205 Embassy DrCorpus Christi78411United States
Altiner Fitness&Performance(479)
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5902 St Andrews DrCorpus Christi78413United States
Orangetheory Fitness Corpus Christi (361) 000-00004938 South Staple St. Suite C18Corpus Christi78411United States
Planet Fitness(361) 000-0000 5858 S. Padre Island DriveCorpus Christi78412United States
GX2 Fitness(361) 000-0000 5814 south staplesCorpus Christi78413United States
Landshark Fitness(361) 000-0000 14329 Northwest BlvdCorpus Christi78410United States
NAS Corpus Christi Fitness Center (361) 000-0000Bldg. #103 E StreetCorpus Christi78418United States
Freedom Fitness - Alameda(361) 000-0000 3231 S Alameda StCorpus Christi78415United States
BlueSteel Gym/ CrossFit(361) 000-0000 11101 Leopard StCorpus Christi78410United States
Bodies By Adam(361) 000-0000 5017 Saratoga Blvd. Ste 117Corpus Christi78413United States
The Arena Strength & Fitness(361) 000-0000 4902 Holly RdCorpus Christi78411United States
One Fit Gym (361) 000-0000438 Robert St.Corpus Christi78412United States
Reserve at Saratoga - Corpus Christi(361) 000-0000 5701 Saratoga BlvdCorpus Christi78414United States
Ocelot Strength and Conditioning(361) 000-0000 2822 Countiss DriveCorpus Christi78410United States
Island Fitness(361) 000-0000 14330 S Padre Island DrCorpus Christi78418United States
Z-&NRG (361) 000-00004345 Kostoryz RdCorpus Christi78415United States
The Quad Fitness Studio(361) 000-0000 4855 S Alameda ST 105Corpus Christi78412United States
Planet Fitness Corpus Christi (Texas)Corpus ChristiUnited States
Planet Fitness Corpus Christi (Texas)Corpus ChristiUnited States
Planet Fitness Corpus Christi (Texas)Corpus ChristiUnited States
Planet Fitness Corpus Christi (Texas) 78412Corpus Christi78412United States
Anytime Fitness Corpus Christi (Texas) 78374Corpus Christi78374United States
Turf Sports Complex(361) 000-0000 6458 Saratoga BlvdCorpus Christi78414United States
The BatCave (361) 000-00003750 Saturn RdCorpus Christi78413United States
Presa Athletics(361) 000-0000 6313 Wooldridge Suite #6Corpus Christi78414United States
Strong Arm Mixed Martial Arts(361) 000-0000 10653 Leopard St in Annavile/2142 Waldron in Flour bluffCorpus Christi78410United States
Hybrid Fitness Academy(361) 000-0000 5858 S Padre Island Dr #62Corpus Christi78412United States
MadFitter 6236 Boca Raton CirCorpus Christi78413United States
Texas Style Wrestling Club (361) 000-00009929 S. Padre Island Dr. #101Corpus Christi78418United States
Elite Sports(361) 000-0000 5017 Columbia St Corpus ChristiCorpus Christi78416United States
Basics(361) 000-0000 10201 South Padre Island Dr. #218Corpus Christi78418United States
Victory MMA and Fitness Corpus Christi(361) 000-0000 4535 S Padre Island Dr Ste 1Corpus Christi78411United States
LEGIT FIT (623) 000-00001802 ennis joslin rdCorpus Christi78412United States
Corpus Christi Fitness Center (409) 000-00001824 Nederland AveNederland77627United States
Freedom Fitness Corpus Christi (Texas) 78414Corpus Christi78414United States
Freedom Fitness Corpus Christi (Texas) 78405Corpus Christi78405United States
Diva Den Studio Vegas Stiletto Fitness (361) 000-00003253 SPID Suite ACorpus Christi78415United States
Planet Fitness Corpus Christi (Texas) 78405Corpus Christi78405United States
Anytime Fitness Corpus Christi (Texas) 78413Corpus Christi78413United States
Reaction Fitness (361) 000-00005858 S Padre Island DrCorpus Christi78412United States
Ben Garza Gym(361) 000-0000 1815 Howard StCorpus Christi78408United States
Staches & Lashes Fit Bar (361) 000-00001116 Morgan AveCorpus Christi78404United States
Fit & Nutrition (361) 000-00001521 S Port AveCorpus Christi78405United States
Good Fitness Tips(361) 000-0000 904 Boone StCorpus Christi78401United States
Fit Life Chiropractic(361) 000-0000 4117 S Staples St #230Corpus Christi78411United States
My Fit Meals (956) 000-0000Corpus Christi (Texas) 78414Corpus Christi78414United States
Zumba with Maria Lozoya(361) 000-0000 2305 Morgan AveCorpus Christi78405United States
Mind Body Soul Fitness (361) 000-00005522 Everhart RdCorpus Christi78411United States
Bailamos Dance Fitness(361) 000-0000 5522 Everhart RdCorpus Christi78411United States
Elite Fitness and Wellness (361) 000-00005540 Saratoga BlvdCorpus Christi78413United States