List of Realtors in Bengaluru (Karnataka)

Name Phone Email Address Reviews Ads Category
Realtor Bangalore 9199000xxxx3 4.5 (4) Estate Agent
Hanu Reddy Realty 9180403xxxx9
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4.1 (83) Estate Agent
Insight Realtors and L... 9198450xxxx4
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4.3 (9) Estate Agent
MN Realtors since 1998 9198440xxxx6
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4.8 (9) Estate Agent
MS REALTORS 9188927xxxx7 3 (1) Estate Agent
Vinra Properties-Best ...
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4.9 (40) Real estate agency
DZire Realtors 9178478xxxx3
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5 (4) Apartment Rental Ag...
360 realtors 9188678xxxx4
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152.9 (9) Estate Agent
JLL 9180411xxxx0 3.8 (99) Estate Agent
BlueBoy Realtors - Sou... 9195917xxxx5 Estate Agent
Bangalore Real Estate ... 9198860xxxx7
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5 (1) Estate Agent
Opal Realtors 9194800xxxx6
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3.5 (2) Commercial property...
Square Feet Realtors 9198450xxxx0
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434.5 (101) Property Consultant
Golden Nest Realtors B...
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5 (11) Estate Agent
Savills Bangalore
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4.6 (23) Estate Agent
Sagittarius Properties 9198808xxxx7
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4.5 (2) Estate Agent
Coldwell Banker Realty... 9180411xxxx3
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671 (1) Estate Agent
Ilias Estates & Proper... 9180409xxxx0
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4.9 (105) Estate Agent
JCS Realtors and Maint... 9185536xxxx8
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4 (6) Estate Agent
G.K Realtors 9176760xxxx6 2.3 (3) Industrial real est...
Realty Investor Club
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5 (2) Property Consultant
Swamy Realtors 9190601xxxx2
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4.7 (10) Estate Agent
Ahmed Realty 9199162xxxx5 4.3 (18) Estate Agent
JBrown Real Estate 9180084xxxx2
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5 (5) Estate Agent
MS Realty 9199001xxxx0
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5 (1) Estate Agent
YOUR CHOICE REALTORS 5 (10) Estate Agent
Sammy's Beverlyhills
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Estate Agent
Silverline Realty Pvt ... 9180408xxxx8
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184.1 (19) Estate Agent
Coldwell Banker Value ... 9199020xxxx0
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54.7 (75) Estate Agent
Am Realty Real Estate ... 4.9 (18) Real estate college
Townscape Real Estates 9196111xxxx2 4.5 (2) Estate Agent
Veeresh Real Estate & ... 9190193xxxx0
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4.1 (14) Estate Agent
Proex The Realtors 9198450xxxx6
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5 (2) Property Consultant
S.R.REAL ESTATE 9197422xxxx8
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5 (7) Estate Agent
Windsor Realty 9198450xxxx1 Property Consultant
Bricks to Bliss Homes ... 9174069xxxx6
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4 (26) Property Consultant
S G Realty Bangalore K... 9193420xxxx9 5 (2) Estate Agent
METROXPERT Realty 9180409xxxx7
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5 (1) Estate Agent
remax excel realty gir... 9199801xxxx0
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58 Estate Agent
Confederation of Real ... 9163606xxxx0
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5 (17) Non-profit organisa...
Property First 9178992xxxx0
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4.1 (16) Estate Agent
The Bangalore Real Est... 9180494xxxx7
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4.4 (10) Property Consultant
Raheja Associates 9180255xxxx4 Estate Agent
Feroze’s Estate Agen... 9198450xxxx0
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4.3 (195) Estate Agent
VPC Realty 9180411xxxx0
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5 (2) Property Consultant
Oasis Down Town 9199808xxxx7 4 (2) Estate Agent
Infinite Realty Tausee... 9198803xxxx9 5 (1) Estate Agent
Corporate Leasing Serv... 9199869xxxx7
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1.7 (3) Estate Agent
Real Estate Services
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1 (1) Estate Agent
Umas Realty 9180412xxxx3
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4.5 (13) Estate Agent
BNP Paribas Real Estat... 9197313xxxx1 4 (1) Estate Agent 9199165xxxx7
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102.7 (77) Estate Agent
Urban Nexus 9176249xxxx1
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5 (1) Estate Agent
Bangalore Showroom Ren...
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5 (3) Commercial property...
Chinoys Realty
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Industrial real est...
Indus Homes Private Li... 5 (2) Property Consultant
Full Basket Property S... 9180409xxxx8
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4 (66) Estate Agent, Property C... 9195900xxxx3
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4.7 (213) Estate Agent
Kimia Realty 9198453xxxx5
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5 (49) Commercial property...
Roof 360 Real Estate a... 9198450xxxx8 5 (59) Estate Agent
Bhoolok International ... 9180222xxxx9
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4.8 (25) Property Consultant
FBO Infra Realty Pvt. ...
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4.5 (8) Office rental agency
Farms and Estates 9174069xxxx6
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5 (3) Estate Agent
Oysters Real Assets 9180233xxxx2
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4.2 (23) Property Consultant
Mahaveer Group 9180491xxxx0
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3.5 (242) Estate Agent
Bhurani Real Estate 9198451xxxx1
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4.4 (32) Estate Agent
Apex Estates & Propert... 9180255xxxx0
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4.1 (34) Estate Agent
Abrars Estates & Prope... 9198861xxxx0 4.8 (24) Estate Agents 9191642xxxx7
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704.6 (280) Property Consultant Bangalore 9172596xxxx5
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3.3 (32) Estate Agent 9191084xxxx6
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3.8 (65) Estate Agent
HomZnow Realty Advisor...
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545 (1) Estate Agent
MyBangalore Property S... 9193436xxxx6
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373.8 (4) Property Consultant
Realty World India 9199162xxxx0
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5 (2) Property Consultant
S S B Properties 9196111xxxx8
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904.6 (7) Estate Agent
Avenue Realty 9180880xxxx6
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5 (2) Estate Agent
Way2Wealth Realty Pvt ... 9191645xxxx0
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3.5 (10) Estate Agent
Property in Bangalore 9195910xxxx6 3.3 (6) Estate Agent
Real Estate
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3.8 (47) Industrial real est...
CREDAI HOMES 9190192xxxx1
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5 (1) Estate Agent
Klassic Properties &In... 9198450xxxx3
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5 (8) Estate Agent
PropSeva 9196868xxxx7
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4.8 (77) Property Consultant
Godrej Properties Regi... 9182878xxxx8
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653.9 (226) Construction Company
Accord Furnished Offic... 9190086xxxx5
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2.5 (2) Commercial property...
John Taylor Luxury Rea... 9180611xxxx5
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164.2 (6) C Estate Agent
Office space in bangal... 9198456xxxx7 Estate Agent
Buniyad Real Estate Se... 9199990xxxx2
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5 (6) Estate Agent
Agarwal Estates 9181233xxxx2
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4.5 (393) Estate Agent
Colliers Bengaluru 9180481xxxx0
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4.3 (132) Estate Agent
TRANSACTIONS (Infinite... 9197403xxxx8
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4.8 (28) Estate Agent
RareEarth Developers P... 9198800xxxx1
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3 (1) Commercial property...
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4.7 (9) Property Consultant
SNN Builders - Real Es... 9180402xxxx1
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664 (235) Construction Company
Capstone life 9180888xxxx0
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4.1 (54) Real estate agency
Prime Homes 9180466xxxx0
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Estate Agent
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31.8 (70) Estate Agent
Tata Housing 9177997xxxx5
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594.2 (94) Estate Agent
Mokanro Realty Pvt Ltd 9180408xxxx1
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Estate Agent
SKAV Developers Pvt. L... 9180421xxxx9
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4.3 (42) Construction Company
Home Raaga 9181235xxxx7
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4.4 (37) Estate Agent
Square Yards 9180020xxxx4
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93.6 (55) Estate Agents
Ceear Realty 9180236xxxx4
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4.7 (9) Construction Company
Nestaway store for hom... 9195354xxxx0 573.9 (31) Estate Agent
Cityinfo Services Pvt.... 9180441xxxx0
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4.4 (26) Estate Agent
RoofandFloor 911800300xxxx5
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3.5 (70) Estate Agent
Sparkle Realty 9195135xxxx3
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4.5 (109) Construction Company
Assets Soul & Soil Apa... 9185489xxxx7
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4.3 (39) Apartment building
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124.1 (14) Non-profit organisa...
DNR Corp 9180222xxxx6
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5 (7) Construction Company
S2 Homes 9176764xxxx0
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3.8 (77) Construction Company
Ranka Chambers 9180222xxxx6
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3.8 (16) Estate Agent
M4 Estates 9180411xxxx9
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4.9 (41) Estate Agent
Homz N Space 9195901xxxx4
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744.6 (126) Property Consultant
Span And Structures 9177604xxxx7
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4.6 (45) Construction Company
RVS Enterprise Real Es... 9195354xxxx6 4.8 (62) Estate Agent
S J Developers 9185508xxxx0
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4.3 (40) Estate Agent
Satya Group 9180222xxxx8
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4.3 (7) Estate Agent
Magicbricks Realty Ser... 9180671xxxx8
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42.9 (7) Corporate office
Valmark 9180414xxxx0
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354.3 (40) Construction Company
Bagmane Developers Pri... 9180411xxxx9
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4.1 (16) Estate Agent
Agarwαl Pacĸers And ... 9198441xxxx4
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462.7 (3) Estate Agent
Prestige Terminus 2 9180255xxxx0
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384 (125) Estate Agent
Q V C Realty Co 9180402xxxx3
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4.4 (25) Property Developer
Can Fin Homes Ltd., - ... 9180265xxxx5
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2.2 (44) Financial Advisor
ATZ Properties 9190369xxxx4
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364 (35) Construction Company
Gravity Homes 9180495xxxx1
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4.1 (68) Home builder
Radiance Realty Develo... 9199809xxxx1
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764 (7) Corporate office
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4.4 (41) Association or orga...
Century Real Estate Ho... 9180443xxxx0
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134.2 (294) Property Developer
VBHC Value Homes Priva...
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4 (118) Construction Company
Concorde Homes 9180665xxxx9
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4.3 (47) Gated community
Puravankara Limousine ... 9180424xxxx6
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684 (2) Back office
Svasa Homes 9198889xxxx1
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4.5 (264) Apartment complex
Bearys Group 9180222xxxx4
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4.4 (89) Estate Agent
Nikoo Homes 1 9174111xxxx4
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4.2 (1510) Apartment complex
Keya Homes Pvt Ltd. 9180466xxxx0 4.4 (48) Property Developer
Mahendra Homes Pvt Ltd... 9176767xxxx6
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4.2 (68) Apartment building
Sterling Developers 9180434xxxx3
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4.3 (47) Construction Company
Vaishnavi Homes 9180669xxxx2
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643.5 (2) Property Developer
Hamilton Homes by SJR ... 9180404xxxx5
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4.1 (177) Construction Company
Tranquil Homes Guest H... 9180411xxxx1 4 (63) Guest house
Chartered Housing (P) ... 9180424xxxx0
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4.4 (24) Construction Company
Upkar Developers 9180269xxxx0
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3.5 (346) Property Developer
Antaliea Homes - Sumed... 9196444xxxx4
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4.2 (150) Villa
Real Estate Regulatory...
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2.6 (49) Government office
DS-MAX Properties Pvt.... 9188800xxxx1
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224.1 (2160) Property Developer
Aranha Homes 9180253xxxx0
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3.7 (129) Serviced apartment
CoEvolve Estates 9180255xxxx0
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4.5 (119) Construction Company
RJ Group 9196861xxxx4
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4.5 (53) Construction Company
M and M Bangalore Priv... 9180236xxxx9
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4.4 (141) Property Developer
Habitat Ventures 9180414xxxx0
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4.7 (354) Construction Company
SHIVAM HOMES (Microsof... 9199009xxxx0 4.5 (142) Serviced apartment
Homes Under Budget - H... 9188988xxxx7
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4.7 (94) Interior designer
OYO 2507 Anugraha Home... 9112462xxxx0
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3.9 (127) Hotel
Prime One Corp 9180471xxxx2
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5 (2) Property management...
senior citizen home 9197312xxxx6
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3.3 (4) Retirement Centre
MRO TEK REALTY LTD 9180424xxxx0
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4.5 (19) Telecommunications ...
Cornerstone Properties... 9180433xxxx9
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604.3 (69) Property Developer
Janani homes
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Serviced apartment
Adithya Developers 9180236xxxx3
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4.5 (12) Property Developer
Sri Sravya PG for Gent... 9198802xxxx4
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3.7 (598) Student Halls
Global Homes 4.4 (333) Hotel
Bavisha Urban Homes 9197312xxxx0
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4.4 (77) Apartment building
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4.2 (22) Corporate office
Unitech 9180228xxxx0
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4 (1) Property Developer
Sona Heights
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Property management...
Ozone Group 9180255xxxx0
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3.3 (82) Construction Company
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Construction Company
Adarsh Developers 9180413xxxx0
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4.1 (189) Corporate office
Treebo Trend Tranquil ... 9193228xxxx0
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5 (1) Hotel
Huts Global 9188675xxxx3
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4.7 (17) Property management...
Tata Housing
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5 (2) Bank
Chartered Housing Pvt.... 9180424xxxx0
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5 (1) Estate Agent
Saiven Developers & Co... 9180881xxxx8
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4.5 (53) Construction Company
DSR Infrastructure Pri... 9180491xxxx0
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3.9 (87) Construction Company
SBR Group 9188809xxxx6
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4.7 (82) Construction Company
Mahindra Windchimes 9186575xxxx0 404.4 (161) Apartment building
Crescent Realtor 9198450xxxx1
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3.5 (6) Estate Agent
Rishabh Realtors & Con... 9194483xxxx7 4.5 (2) Estate Agent
Home Makers & Realtors 9180254xxxx6
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Estate Agent
Silicon Realtors 5 (4) Estate Agent
AHL Realtors 9180412xxxx8 Estate Agent
Yumna Realtors (OPC) P...
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5 (1) Estate Agent
Hs Realtors
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5 (3) Estate Agent
Namma Realty 9196116xxxx8
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Estate Agent
GOODWILL HOMES 9199649xxxx6
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4.4 (8) Estate Agent
Shivas realty 9199001xxxx8
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3.8 (9) Estate Agent
IndiaHomes 9170191xxxx9 2.6 (8) Estate Agent
Realty Search Bangalor... 9177607xxxx8
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3 (1) Property Consultant
PropTiger Realty Pvt. ...
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73.3 (23) Property Consultant
India Realty 5 (1) Estate Agent
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Real estate agency
Global Space Realty Property Consultant
GoldPrism Realty 9193261xxxx8
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5 (1) Estate Agent
Chalukya Realty Pvt Lt... 9196116xxxx6
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5 (3) Estate Agent
Universal Prime Real E...
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Estate Agent
Jana Jeeva Homes 9182491xxxx1 4.5 (6) Apartment building
DREAM HOMES 9180267xxxx6
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Estate Agent
Karle Vario Homes 9197439xxxx8
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4.4 (68) Apartment complex
7th Heaven Homes
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4.7 (12) Estate Agent
Times Estates 9180412xxxx3
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4.7 (56) Estate Agent
JustCall-Loan Syndicat... 9198800xxxx1
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3.5 (13) Loan agency
Clover Green 9184315xxxx4
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4 (9) Estate Agent
Capitalist Yard India ... 9196110xxxx3
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4.7 (32) Property Consultant
Vintage Wealth Manager... 9196639xxxx6
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3.9 (27) Property management...
New Dimensions Realtor... 9180252xxxx7
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3.2 (64) Property Developer 9199485xxxx2
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3.4 (26) Property Consultant
ROYAL RETREAT HOMES PV... 9180255xxxx5
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4.4 (30) Property Developer
Sri Aditya Homes Priva...
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5 (2) Property Developer
5 Elements Realty
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4.8 (113) Corporate office
Bhartiya City Nikoo Ho... 9193809xxxx2
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4.3 (1927) Construction Company
Mera Homes 9197040xxxx0
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4.1 (368) Gated community
1 SOBHA 9180464xxxx0
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474.5 (127) Shopping Centre
Anika Redwood Homes 9199019xxxx1
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5 (11) Apartment building
LAAVANYA SMART HOMES &... 9197418xxxx1
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825 (11) Home builder
Dreamstay Guest Homes 4.4 (76) Homestay
Cheshire Homes India, ... 9180284xxxx9
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Association or orga...
Bhartiya City 9180674xxxx3
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4.3 (1262) Construction Company
Visvesvaraya Guest Hou... 9180255xxxx2
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4.2 (320) Guest house
Confident Delivery and... 9180888xxxx6
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2 (1) Construction Company
Sudhama Old Age Home 9198452xxxx9
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4.7 (120) Retirement home
Catalyst Suites 9196113xxxx5
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4.1 (8) Hotel
Lacasa Bengaluru 9180222xxxx9
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3.9 (88) Bathroom Supply Shop
Sumadhura Infracon Pri... 9184319xxxx4
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4.1 (278) Construction Company
I-Block, Brigade Gatew... 9180413xxxx0
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614.4 (1784) Flat Complex
Arvind Sporcia 9173386xxxx1
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4.3 (302) Apartment complex
SaffronStays Eden Gree... 9184240xxxx0
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4.4 (17) Hotel
Lingam Realtors Estate Agent
Ownprop Realtors 9197402xxxx0
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5 (1) Real estate consultant
Streetlight Properties... 9199001xxxx1
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4.9 (131) Real estate agency
Percent Realtors 9199800xxxx2
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5 (1) Real estate agency
PE-Realtors 9163640xxxx9
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4.8 (96) Property Consultant
Hamilton Realtors 9180252xxxx9
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4.5 (2) Estate Agent
SLV Realtors and Devlo... 9190607xxxx4 4.6 (33) Estate Agent
SQFT STORE Realtors Pr... 9188806xxxx2
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5 (4) Estate Agent
Coldwell Banker Brad R... 9180297xxxx8
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4.3 (73) Estate Agent
Hindustan Homes 9174067xxxx9
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4.1 (15) Property Consultant
Royal Realtors 9198454xxxx5 3.8 (4) Estate Agent
Isupreme Realtors & In... 9198860xxxx6
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Estate Agent
Durga Realtors koraman... 9199808xxxx8 Estate Agent
RNT Realtors Estate Agent
GCGlobal real estate A... 9180415xxxx9
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Estate Agent
Brocade Builders and R... 9180413xxxx1
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4 (1) Estate Agent
Interlink Realty 4.9 (33) Estate Agent
Ace Consultants and Re... 9199996xxxx0
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4.9 (35) Estate Agent
The Metro Realtors
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5 (1) Property Consultant
Nippon Realtors Bangal...
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4.8 (21) Property management...
Pure Realty 9181972xxxx3 Estate Agent
Rain Tree 9198450xxxx2
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4.3 (12) Estate Agents
Bangalore Realtors 9197402xxxx8
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1 (1) Real estate developer
Smart Realty 9198450xxxx7
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4.3 (3) Consultant
Dreams Realty 9185539xxxx2
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444.8 (43) Real estate agents
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3.5 (2) Estate Agent
Urban Prop Realtors 9178297xxxx7 Urban planning depa...
Lone Heights Realty 9195350xxxx1
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5 (1) C Estate Agent
SkyLand Realtors 9198450xxxx6 5 (1) Property Developer
Real estate agents Estate Agent
Realty Ventures - Real... 9190717xxxx1 5 (2) Real estate agency
Homes Ezee 9197386xxxx0 5 (1) Estate Agent
Mamakar Estate Agency 9198453xxxx9 3.9 (7) Estate Agents
Nexplace Realty 9174066xxxx7
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694.8 (39) Property Consultant
Property in Bangalore 9190191xxxx3
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Real estate agency
RE/MAX Infinity 9189713xxxx1
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4 (4) Industrial real est...
House Key Realty 9180503xxxx0
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4.9 (58) Construction Company
RG Real Estate 9199009xxxx0 Estate Agent
Spacelinks 9198451xxxx4
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General Contractor
PROPERTY BROKER 9172597xxxx4 4.5 (11) Estate Agent
QBER REALTY 9197427xxxx8
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5 (1) Estate Agent 9180424xxxx0 5 (1) Property Consultant
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5 (3) Estate Agent
Skyway Realty 9185480xxxx1
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5 (7) Property Consultant
Ardente Realtors 9180424xxxx9
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951 (2) Corporate office
Real estate Bengaluru 5 (1) Commercial real est...
Real Estate 9189040xxxx9 Industrial real est...
SLV REAL ESTATE 9190365xxxx5 Estate Agent
Cemal real estate 9199861xxxx3 4.7 (3) Commercial property...
Sahiba Realty 9193391xxxx9
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4 (4) Estate Agent
BlueBoy Homes 9195917xxxx5 4.1 (8) Estate Agent
Shri Bhoomi Properties 9188847xxxx8 3 (1) Estate Agent
INFINITE SPAACE 9199800xxxx5
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Estate Agent
Om Shakthi Enterprises 9199800xxxx8
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4 (1) Property Consultant
Real Estate Company Real estate agency
Real Agency 9174112xxxx8 Estate Agent
Grah Realtors 9180887xxxx8
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Property management...
Global Constructions &... 9198452xxxx2
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84.9 (13) Construction Company
Free Real Estate Servi... Estate Agent
JP Real estate 9193421xxxx9 5 (5) Property Consultant
Marvel Amora 9193720xxxx0
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535 (2) Apartment building
Hiland Realty Private ... 9180411xxxx9
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4.3 (44) Property Developer
City home. Real Estate... 9199808xxxx3 4.3 (3) Estate Agent
Hindh Realty India Pvt... 9193432xxxx9
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4.7 (15) Construction Company
Knight Frank 9180681xxxx0 4.3 (87) Real estate agency
Icon Homz 9180257xxxx9 3.9 (18) Estate Agent
Propmart Technologies ...
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3.8 (20) Property Consultant
BFO 9193410xxxx5
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5 (237) Office rental agency
SLV Shelters 9180451xxxx9
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3 (1) Corporate office
Agriculture Land and F... 9181528xxxx8
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4.3 (106) Estate Agent
Flow 9180613xxxx1
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3.4 (5) Industrial real est...
Propertified Pvt Ltd B... 9170902xxxx7 4.1 (18) Property Consultant
Cushman & Wakefield 9180404xxxx5
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4.4 (152) Commercial real est...
Samruddhi Realty Ltd 9180492xxxx1
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2 (24) Property Developer
Provident Housing Limi... 9180445xxxx4
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3.8 (291) C Construction Company
Novel Office - South 9199000xxxx9
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4.2 (484) Co-working Space
K B Homes
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4.1 (9) Apartment building
LIVEFLATS 9197410xxxx7
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5 (7) Property management...
Cadbury StayAbode 9180619xxxx9 4.2 (87) Furnished apartment...
Karan Properties 9180413xxxx0
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Sumo Properties 9190196xxxx6
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Century Building Indus... 9180443xxxx0 4.2 (294) Property Developer
Golden Door Properties 9196112xxxx4
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4.4 (63) Resort hotel
Value Home Properties 9180412xxxx9
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Dee Group (Dee Mandala... 9180234xxxx8 Hotel
Thanushree Properties 9180421xxxx3
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Ilyas's Trend Shelters... 9180222xxxx4
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Construction Company
Photo Editing India 9180417xxxx4
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Shekar & Co 9180234xxxx9
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4 (5) Corporate office
Arya Realtors Bangalor... 9180253xxxx7
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Bangalore Properties 9180305xxxx2
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Indian Real Estate 9191412xxxx2
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K R Real Estates 9180259xxxx5
EH Realtors 9198456xxxx6
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4.3 (6) Estate Agent
Shriram Land Developme... 9180408xxxx9
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3.3 (56) Construction Company
Supreme Associates 9180222xxxx7
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Wilasa 9180471xxxx1
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Gr Group 9180493xxxx9
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3.5 (50) Property Developer
City Properties Mainte... 9180414xxxx8
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4.3 (63) Retail
D M Realtors 9199453xxxx4
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194.5 (33) Corporate office
B G Estate Agency 9180222xxxx7 5 (1) Estate Agents
Mythri Developers 9180255xxxx7
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Machining manufacturer
Milestone Buildcon 9198804xxxx7
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4 (1) Construction Company
Sri Venkateshwara Ente... 9180259xxxx6
Sizzle Properties Aval... 9173533xxxx8
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4.4 (329) Construction Company
Dwellings Realtors 9180512xxxx2
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784.2 (2458) Apartment complex
Bharat Real Estate 9198863xxxx5
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Blue Valley Properties 9180267xxxx6
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Kumar Properties 9180412xxxx2
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794.4 (782) Construction Company
Bipin Properties & Del... 9198450xxxx8
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4.7 (12) Property management...
Rao'S Real Estate 9177606xxxx7
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Construction Company
A A R Real Estate 9180255xxxx4
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3.7 (3) Estate Agents
Anthem Realty & Invest... 9180413xxxx1
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4 (1) Estate Agent
Sri Manjunatha Real Es... 9180269xxxx8
West Court Real Estate 9190665xxxx9
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Real Estate Agency 9184534xxxx2
SATTVA 9180426xxxx0
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754.1 (4611) Business park
OCH-Ziff Real Estate I... 9180403xxxx0
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3.9 (400) Corporate office
Shapoorji Pallonji Rea... 9180660xxxx1
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4.2 (981) Construction Company
Akshaya Real Estate Ag... 9197400xxxx1
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Real Estate Agent 9193429xxxx2
Real Estate Agency 9197436xxxx6
Discovery Real Estate 9198806xxxx6
Eagle Realtors 9180221xxxx5
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1.6 (5) Real estate
Shapoorji Parkwest 9199863xxxx4
Shree Realtors Private... 9198441xxxx9
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4.1 (155) Apartment complex
Iyengaars Valuers & Re... 9196328xxxx5
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4.9 (144) Property valuer
Estate India 9198805xxxx9
Saphire Realtors 9180222xxxx5
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4.2 (427) Microbrewery
Sri Vasavi Real Estate 9180329xxxx2
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Sri Sai Real Estate 9194485xxxx9
Millennia Developers 9180255xxxx8
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4.2 (19885) Retail
Bhumi 9199800xxxx4
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Divyashree Developers 9180222xxxx4
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4 (2573) Business Centre
Swastik Properties & D... 9198451xxxx3
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4.6 (7) Estate Agent
Shriram Properties Ben... 9195385xxxx9
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4.1 (58) Property Developer
Gilt Edged Realtors 9180266xxxx1
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4.6 (21) Estate Agent
Jain Properties 9199161xxxx5
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Dua Real Estate 9199010xxxx9 4.4 (14382) Ice cream shop
Ashed Properties And I... 9180253xxxx2
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Shanders Natural Resou...
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Max Siddhanth Properti... 9180424xxxx9
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4 (408) Construction Company
Brinda Properties 9199003xxxx9
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Unishire Housing Llp 9180234xxxx5
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4 (14) Furnished apartment...
Bagadia Properties 9180231xxxx6 Corporate office
S S Realtors 9198457xxxx8
Brigade Properties
San Properties Develop... 9180424xxxx1
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Sree Vari Real Estate ... 9198456xxxx3 5 (1) Estate Agent
Surya Real Estate Agen... 9198456xxxx7
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3 (1) Estate Agent
Nest Realtors 9180252xxxx4 Estate Agent
Dwellings Realtors 9180412xxxx2 Estate Agent
Karle Properties 9180234xxxx2 Estate Agent
Barjis Realtors 9180222xxxx4 Estate Agent
Anugraha Real Estate 9198862xxxx0 Estate Agent
Capitol Consultants... 9180409xxxx3 Estate Agent
H N Realtors 9180222xxxx4 5 (3) Estate Agent
Rehman Real Estate 9180222xxxx3 Estate Agent
Citilink Realtors 9198440xxxx6 Estate Agent
Wellington Realtors 9180255xxxx9 2 (1) Estate Agent
Aashikar Realtors 9198801xxxx6 Estate Agent
A.R Realtors 9198450xxxx6 Estate Agent
Shree Sai Realtors 9199861xxxx9 1 (5) Estate Agent
REALTORS ZONE 9199454xxxx6 Estate Agent
Contacts Realtors &... 9180235xxxx9 4 (1) Estate Agent
Afnans Reality Serv... 9198458xxxx3 5 (2) Estate Agent
I K. REALTORS 9198451xxxx7 5 (1) Property Consultant
S L N REAL ESTATE A... 9193437xxxx8 5 (1) Estate Agent
Sri Balaji Realtors 9195110xxxx0 Estate Agent
Zain Real Estate 9198867xxxx6 Estate Agent
RK Realtors 9195384xxxx8 4 (1) Estate Agent
Sri Balaji Realtors 9197403xxxx9 3 (1) Estate Agent
Property Source India 9198450xxxx6 5 (1) Commercial property...
Universal Realtors 9180254xxxx6 4.9 (28) Estate Agent
Prospect Realtors/A... 9198440xxxx0 5 (1) Estate Agent
Mark & Medh Realty 9198450xxxx4 Estate Agent
Celebrity Homes 9180257xxxx9 5 (1) Estate Agent
Trust Well Realty 9197397xxxx8 Real estate agency
Links Realty 9180255xxxx6 Estate Agent
H M Estates And Pro... 9180266xxxx0 Estate Agent
Dreams2Walls Realty 9198453xxxx7
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Estate Agent
Aditi Realty 9180284xxxx2 Property Consultant
Aishwarya Real Estate 9193412xxxx7 Estate Agent
The Discovery Real ... 9198450xxxx3 Estate Agent
Place & Space 9180653xxxx1 Property Consultant
Karishma Real Estat... 9198865xxxx7 4 (2) Estate Agent
Prime Properties 9180222xxxx0 Estate Agent
Little Homes 9180415xxxx9 Estate Agent
Hallmark Realty 9180411xxxx5 5 (2) Estate Agent
Lxy Homes Private L... 9180228xxxx3 Property Consultant
Green City Realty A... 9199866xxxx6 2.6 (5) Estate Agent
Real Estate Consult... 9180235xxxx2 Estate Agent
Royal Real Estate 9198807xxxx7 4.6 (9) Estate Agent
Deepak Real Estate 9180234xxxx6 4 (2) Estate Agent
NM INFRA REALTY 9198450xxxx6 Estate Agent
Sri Sai Krishna Rea... 9190608xxxx3 2 (1) Estate Agent
Anushka Estates 9180222xxxx5 5 (1) Estate Agent
Dhanam Properties 9197318xxxx7 4.7 (3) Property Consultant
Arshiya - Real Esta... 9180224xxxx6 5 (1) Estate Agent
Connections Real Es... 9180411xxxx5 3.7 (6) Estate Agent
S S Real Estate 9180414xxxx4 Estate Agent
Greenhouse Realty 9196112xxxx4 Estate Agent
Mint Realty India 9198861xxxx6 1 (1) Estate Agent
A Disney Real Estate 9180266xxxx8 3.7 (3) Estate Agent
Maple Estate & Prop... 9180252xxxx2 5 (1) Commercial property...
Sri Balaji Enterprises 9199725xxxx9 5 (1) Mobile home rental ...
BRRAI Homes 9198454xxxx2 4.3 (3) Serviced accommodation
ask Homes 9199007xxxx2 4.7 (83) Student Halls
JS Elite PG Homes F... 9180950xxxx0 4 (141) Student Halls
Suraksha Homes Ladi... 9194828xxxx8 2.5 (46) Student Halls
Phoenix Realtors 9198456xxxx9 Estate Agent
Phoenix Realtors 9180412xxxx4 Estate Agent
Zaks Interior & Rea... 9172044xxxx2 Estate Agent
Ever Green Real Est... 9198806xxxx3 Estate Agent
S N Realtors 9199452xxxx9 Estate Agent
Jecintha Real Estat... 9198455xxxx8 5 (1) Estate Agent
MARK HOME REALTOR 9198454xxxx3 Estate Agent
Darshan Realtors 9198455xxxx2 Estate Agent
VASIST REALTY 9199450xxxx2 5 (2) Estate Agent
R & R Realty 9180222xxxx8 3 (1) Estate Agent
Fine Space Realty 9198451xxxx1 3.7 (3) Estate Agent
Provista Realty Com... 9185530xxxx0 3 (2) Estate Agent
office space in ban... 9190083xxxx5 4 (2) Commercial property...
Vidyanand rental Homes 9187620xxxx4 4.2 (13) Mobile home rental ...
Siri Homes 9199001xxxx2 2.6 (41) Corporate office
The Ideal Homes Com... 9180286xxxx2 3.9 (460) Banquet hall
homes away PG 9170303xxxx2 2.7 (11) Student Halls
L&T Raintree Boulevard 9185275xxxx5 3.5 (105) Apartment building
House Ways Estate A... 9198440xxxx0 4.6 (5) Estate Agent
Apartments sites Re... 9199453xxxx7 5 (2) Estate Agent
Maruthi Realtors Pr... 9198806xxxx6 Estate Agent
Home Realtors 9197401xxxx6 5 (2) Estate Agent
Sri Manjunatha Real... 9199454xxxx7 2.3 (3) Estate Agent
Prime Realtors 9199019xxxx4 3 (2) Real estate agency
Pisces Realtors 9198452xxxx0 4.5 (2) Estate Agent
Surya Realtors Prop... 9194490xxxx7 5 (1) Estate Agent
Akshayaa Realtors 9180267xxxx4 Estate Agent
Lakshmi Dheeraj Realty 9196116xxxx0 4.7 (14) Estate Agent
Alpha Realtors 9180259xxxx7 Estate Agent
Kings Realtors 9170222xxxx4 Industrial real est...
Aman Realtors 9198456xxxx6 3.6 (5) Estate Agent
Vishnu Realtors 9199803xxxx4 Estate Agent
Horizon Realtors 9198860xxxx7 Estate Agent
GEM Realtors 9199019xxxx3 4 (2) Estate Agent
New Star Realtors 9198455xxxx0 4 (1) Estate Agent
Agatha Realtors 9198452xxxx2 Estate Agent
Galaxy Realtors 9177601xxxx1 5 (1) Estate Agent
KPP Realtors 9199168xxxx2 5 (2) Estate Agent
High Land Real Esta... 9194483xxxx1 Real estate agency
Galaxy Realty Ventures 9198863xxxx7 Estate Agent
The Royal Homes 9180653xxxx6 4 (1) Estate Agent
City Realtors 9193437xxxx6 Estate Agent
Skanda Real Estate Co 9194496xxxx8
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Estate Agent
7hills Balaji Real-... 9177957xxxx7 5 (1) Estate Agent
Golden square realtors 9180509xxxx5 3.3 (4) Estate Agent
Shri Nidhi Real Estate 9199168xxxx6 5 (1) Estate Agent
Akash Real Estate 9181235xxxx7 5 (2) Estate Agent
Guru Real Estate 9198457xxxx2 3.9 (13) Estate Agent
Mangala Real Estate... 9199001xxxx6 3 (2) Estate Agent
Capitol Consultants 9180253xxxx9 Property Consultant
Nisarga Real Estate 9199000xxxx6 3.6 (7) Estate Agent
VIGRO ESTATES 9180254xxxx8 5 (1) Estate Agent
Sri Lakshmi Venkate... 9198453xxxx4 4 (1) Estate Agent
Sri Balaji Real Estate 9199452xxxx4 2.3 (6) Estate Agent
Image Realtors & Au... 9193437xxxx4 Estate Agent
JMJ REAL ESTATE 9199012xxxx7 Real estate agency
M.K. Real Estate & ... 9198861xxxx8 5 (1) Estate Agent
Shalom Consultants 9198455xxxx4 5 (1) Estate Agent
Fairway Realty 9199726xxxx4 Estate Agent
T S Real Estate 9198861xxxx2 4 (1) Estate Agent
Devishree Enterprises 9199808xxxx8 4.6 (5) Estate Agent
SUPREME PRIME PROPE... 9193412xxxx5 Commercial property...
SLV BUILDERS & REAL... 9176192xxxx6 3.7 (3) Construction Company
Bangalore Real Esta... 9198456xxxx4 4 (2) Estate Agent
Sweekar 9198450xxxx0 3.7 (12) Estate Agent
S.L.V. Real Estates 9198451xxxx5 4 (3) Estate Agent
Sri Venkateshwara R... 9199863xxxx0 2.5 (2) Commercial property...
S. S. Real Estate A... 9198455xxxx4 Real estate agency
SZ Real Estate 9198450xxxx3 4.7 (9) Estate Agent
Times Property Beng... 9199643xxxx8 1 (1) Property Developer
Rajarajeshwari Real... 9195351xxxx9 Estate Agent
ESTATESMAN 9198440xxxx1 Estate Agent
Dr Realty 9198453xxxx1 4 (1) Property Developer
Home Masters Real E... 9198450xxxx1 3 (2) Estate Agent
Rams Real Estates 9180255xxxx5 Commercial property...
Ambiant Asset Homes 9199721xxxx2 3.1 (19) Apartment building
Realtors 9190350xxxx9
R M W Real Estate 9180221xxxx7
Blossom Realtior 9199019xxxx5
Global Real Estate 9197419xxxx4
Bvm Multi Linc Real... 9193437xxxx9
Sri Vinayaka Real E... 9196205xxxx0
Urban Properties 9198860xxxx3 Estate Agent
Sri Sai Real Estate 9193425xxxx4
Ujaala Real Estate 9198458xxxx9
Htm Real Estate 9198803xxxx9
Richmond Realtors 9180222xxxx9
Babu Realtor & Trav... 9198441xxxx9
A1 Realtors 9180233xxxx6
Sri Maruthi Real Es... 9199809xxxx0
Gajjar Realtors 9180233xxxx8
Sri Durga Properties 9197409xxxx5
Vinayaka Realtors 9199019xxxx7
Sri Sai Real Estate 9199450xxxx2
Citilines Real Estate 9180412xxxx7
Sapna Real Estate 9198869xxxx7
K R I S N A Properties 9180233xxxx2
Sri Vinayaka Realtors 9198459xxxx5
Sri Manjunatha Real... 9180289xxxx2
Hallmark Estates & ... 9180222xxxx6
Priya Real Estate 9194488xxxx2
Al. Limra Real Estate 9194480xxxx7
Sree Ganesha Real E... 9192421xxxx4
Balaji Real Estate 9199450xxxx6 Commercial property...
A.K. Real Estate 9199004xxxx1 Retail
Indian Real Estate 9199028xxxx1 5 (2) Estate Agent
Mithun Real Estate ... 9180324xxxx9
Chandru Condimates 9180421xxxx3
Ganesh Real Estate 9198453xxxx0
Star Enterprises Re... 9198802xxxx4 5 (1) Car Body Parts Supp...
Indian Real Estate 9180289xxxx9
Real Estate Agency 9194432xxxx3
Chivas Real Estate 9180233xxxx8
SK Real Estate 9199455xxxx3
Darshan Real Estate 9199451xxxx9
Bangalore Property 9199805xxxx9
Prince Real Estate 9199019xxxx5
Vignesh Real Estate 9180252xxxx8
KH Real Estate Agency 9199805xxxx6
Harshith Real Estate 9198442xxxx9
Apex Real Estate 9174065xxxx6
Real Estate Agency 9180234xxxx5
Sunrise Real Estate 9180416xxxx5
Shivashakthi Real E... 9198452xxxx6
House Link Realtors 9198455xxxx2
Town Scape Real Estate 9180228xxxx7
Balaji Real Estate ... 9199863xxxx9
Vishnu Real Estate 9199450xxxx4
Om Sai Enterprises ... 9180313xxxx0
Sri Venkateshwara R... 9188612xxxx6
JK Real Estate 9181971xxxx5
Dominions Realty 9180221xxxx5
Prestige Misty Waters 9176250xxxx4
Metro Xpert 9180416xxxx9
Roshan Realtors 9180254xxxx0
Site N Services 9180222xxxx7
Essar 9199001xxxx0
Property Developmen... 9180222xxxx0
Reliable Estate Agency 9198455xxxx0
Axis Realty 9180414xxxx0
Balaji's Estate Agency 9180255xxxx9
Mansion Estate Agency 9180228xxxx1
Best Estates 9180659xxxx0
Anugraha 9180411xxxx3
S S Consultants 9178293xxxx4
Territory Corporation 9180411xxxx1
Sai Builders & Deve... 9180329xxxx9
Shanthi Group 9180229xxxx0
Golden Tree 9199807xxxx8
Ck Group 9194484xxxx9
Divine Properties 9195909xxxx2
Sri Panchamuki Deve... 9180410xxxx1
Porlu Incorporated 9180656xxxx1
Sri Byraveshwara En... 9194486xxxx2
Highlife Properties I 9180653xxxx1
Mahalakshmi Properties 9180231xxxx3
Monopoly Incorporated 9180413xxxx0 1 (1) Estate Agent
Dreamland Ventures 9180416xxxx3
SLN Group 9180222xxxx2
Standard Auto And E... 9199809xxxx2
East West Estates 9198804xxxx2
AR Business Center 9180266xxxx3
Kanoria Estates 9180233xxxx7
Terranova Townships 9180404xxxx0
Property Lawyers in... 9199000xxxx4
5 K Real Estate 9180222xxxx0 5 (1) Estate Agent
Green Infratech 9180433xxxx9
Root's Estates & Pr... 9180254xxxx0
N. S. Real Estate 9198453xxxx0
Suchitra Properties 9180233xxxx3
Systimatic Realtor 9198450xxxx4
Rita Real Estate 9197398xxxx4
Unofficial: real es... 9190352xxxx0
Veeaar projects 9173536xxxx8
Yashas Real Estate 9180233xxxx9
Space Network The R... 9180233xxxx0
Shri Sai Real Estate 9198866xxxx1 3 (2) Estate Agent
Tirumalai Real Estate 9198458xxxx6
Real Estate Investo... 9196202xxxx8
Sri Ganesha Real Es... 9180267xxxx4
Realty Source. 9198451xxxx2
Sri Manjunatha Real... 9198456xxxx4
Chandra Raju Realtors 9180267xxxx0
Pride Realtors 9180414xxxx2
Kaveri Real Estate ... 9196119xxxx9
H M S Real Estate A... 9198450xxxx7
Mabel Realty 9199165xxxx8
GM Palya Real Estate 9185531xxxx4
Universal Realtors 9198452xxxx7
Charles Real Estate 9198455xxxx6 5 (3) Estate Agent
Realty Management S... 9180222xxxx8
Sunrise Real Estate... 9198860xxxx7
Dollars Real Estate... 9198454xxxx5
A.V.M. Realtors 9194488xxxx3
Ganga Realtors 9198865xxxx3
K. G. N. Real Estate 9193432xxxx2
Barton Realty 9180255xxxx5
St Marys Real Estate 9180411xxxx1
D M Real Estate 9197399xxxx6
Land Mark Realtors 9180222xxxx1
BNR Real Estate 9180229xxxx2
R. M. Real Estate 9197410xxxx7
Shekar Associates 9180222xxxx6
Sri Manjunatha Real... 9199020xxxx1
Vijayalakshmi Real ... 9198868xxxx0
Rajarajeshwari Real... 9198862xxxx8
Sri Mahadeshwara Re... 9199006xxxx0
Sai Real Estate 9198453xxxx4
Thirumala Real Esta... 9194482xxxx8
Gopal Krishna Real ... 9194825xxxx6
Classical Real Estate 9198865xxxx2
RK Real Estate 9198458xxxx6
Occura Group, Occur... 9199800xxxx0
T M Dhanush Real Es... 9197395xxxx4
Sri Vinayaka Real E... 9198455xxxx6
S N Real Estate 9198453xxxx2
Golden Real Estate ... 9180233xxxx1
Sachin Real Estate 9198450xxxx8
Sri Vasavi Real Estate 9196111xxxx2
Suniel Real Estate 9198440xxxx4
Sri Manjunatha Real... 9180255xxxx9
Basheer Real Estate 9199809xxxx8
Sri Yoga Narasimha ... 9194480xxxx9
J P Real Estate 9180253xxxx7
Real Estate Agency 9180259xxxx3
Lakshmi Real Estate 9199020xxxx4
Alikhan Real Estate 9197420xxxx7
Nandhi Real Estate 9180233xxxx9
Sri Ganda Real Estate 9180229xxxx8
Sri Balaj Real Esta... 9198804xxxx2
Max World Real Estate 9198809xxxx8
Shashi's Estate Agency 9198803xxxx9
Basaveshwara Real E... 9198440xxxx1
Sree Banashankari E... 9180266xxxx2
A R Real Estate Con... 9198861xxxx7
Auto Consulant And ... 9198450xxxx3
J.S.Real Estate 9198863xxxx0
Balaji Real Estate 9198453xxxx2
J J Real Estate 9198455xxxx0
A One Real Estate 9193419xxxx7
Brindavan Real Estate 9189044xxxx2
R K Real Estate 9180255xxxx0
Chamarajpet Real Es... 9180269xxxx0
Royal Real Estate A... 9199457xxxx7
Malnad Real Estate 9180234xxxx9
K S R Real Estate 9190366xxxx8
Nandhini Real Estate 9198806xxxx2
Bsy Real Estate 9199889xxxx3
Basaveshwara Real E... 9196113xxxx8
M M Real Estate Agency 9199012xxxx8
Perfect Realtors 9197416xxxx9
P K Real Estate 9198865xxxx5
Pride Real Estate 9194486xxxx6
Falcon Real Estates 9180255xxxx7 5 (1) Estate Agent
Sri Annapoorneshwar... 9180958xxxx6
Chandana Real Estate 9180232xxxx3
Jai Bharath Real Es... 9198804xxxx4
Sri Lakshmi Krupa R... 9193429xxxx5
Sagar Real Estate 9199800xxxx8
Jai Mata Di Real Es... 9198860xxxx0 3 (1) Estate Agent
Sri Manjunatheswara... 9198443xxxx8
Real Estate Agency 9198458xxxx5
Skanda Real Estate 9196119xxxx0
Sri Sai Ram Real Es... 9193412xxxx9
Sapthagiri Real Estate 9199800xxxx7
Roofus Realtors 9198440xxxx3
S.L.V. Real Estate 9198458xxxx5
Rajatha Realtors 9198868xxxx9 Estate Agent
S L V Real Estate 9199642xxxx0 5 (1) Estate Agent
Hardhik Realty Real... 9199869xxxx1
Rishit Real Estate ... 9196116xxxx0
Sns Realtors 9180601xxxx4
Maruthi Real Estate... 9180269xxxx7
Pooja Real Estate 9199169xxxx9
Chaitra Real Estate... 9180234xxxx4
GR Real Estate 9194480xxxx0
Sri Ragavendra Real... 9194487xxxx9
Exzon Land Develope... 9198453xxxx0
Sri Umashankar Real... 9193422xxxx7
Shri Shivashankar R... 9183104xxxx7
Maruthi Real Estate 9197439xxxx7
Sri Manjunatha Real... 9198862xxxx0
S L V Real Estate 9199018xxxx3
V Need Realtors 9198445xxxx5
Aamir Real Estate A... 9198450xxxx7
Kalpatara Real Estate 9198809xxxx2
Sri Manjunatha Real... 9194480xxxx9
Sri Sai Real Estate's 9194487xxxx3
Sri Sai Videos & Re... 9198801xxxx7
Canara Real Estate ... 9192431xxxx6
Galaxy Real Estate 9198805xxxx5
R.N Real Estate 9190363xxxx5
Oasis The Oasis Dow... 9180228xxxx9
S L V Enterprises A... 9183109xxxx3
Ansari Estate 9180228xxxx0
City Link 9198458xxxx9
Sri Manjunatha Real... 9193436xxxx5
Sun Rise Real Estat... 9197394xxxx5 Estate Agent
Sri Venkateshwara E... 9180236xxxx4
Prakruthi Real Estate 9194480xxxx2 Estate Agent
Friends Associates ... 9197418xxxx1
Condition Real Esta... 9198451xxxx6
Skandha Real Estate 9198458xxxx8
M N Real Estate 9198451xxxx7
MM Real Estate 9198803xxxx9
S. N. Real Estate 9195912xxxx5 2.5 (2) Estate Agent
Shree Krishna Real ... 9198442xxxx0
Sri Balaji Associates 9195352xxxx8
Prakruthi Real Estate 9198865xxxx4
Sree Manjunatha Rea... 9194480xxxx8
Link INK C.D.Zone A... 9197404xxxx7
Sun City Real Estate 9197413xxxx9
Sri Vinayaka Real E... 9193412xxxx8
S S P Real Estate 9194487xxxx6
Shekar Real Estate 9191415xxxx1
Green City Rrality ... 9196637xxxx6
R C Washing Laundry... 9198807xxxx5
Sri Veerabadra Swam... 9198457xxxx5
Sm Real Estate Agency 9193423xxxx9
Guru Raghavendra Re... 9198450xxxx7
Saggaf Real Estate 9181838xxxx4
Kusuma Electricals ... 9196116xxxx6
Sampath Ganesh Real... 9193412xxxx2
M S Real Estate 9180234xxxx4
Sri Doddama Devi Re... 9198802xxxx0
Sri Nanjundeshwara ... 9180231xxxx2
R.S Real Estate Agency 9193429xxxx7
Shri Manjunath Real... 9180235xxxx5
Mathru Real Estate 9190085xxxx3
SLN Real Estate Agency 9199161xxxx7
Devi Real Estate 9198861xxxx3 5 (1) Estate Agent
Srinivasa Auto Cons... 9199726xxxx7
J P Real Estate 9180411xxxx5
Best Realtors 9180254xxxx9
Cauvery Realtors 9194480xxxx3
Gokula Realtors 9180265xxxx2
Gaja Realtors 9198454xxxx4
Srinidhi Realtors 9180221xxxx0
Illam Realtors 9196865xxxx6
S L N Realtors 9188803xxxx7
Darshan Realtors 9198455xxxx1
Yashas Realtors 9180265xxxx5
Anugraha Realtors 9199005xxxx3
Swadeshi Realtors 9180411xxxx0
Mohnas Realtors 9199801xxxx2
Silicon Realtors 9198450xxxx6
Snehika Realtors 9188800xxxx1
Ic Realtors 9190086xxxx0
Royal Realtors 9199800xxxx4
Rr Realtors 9194484xxxx0
Shree Sai Realtors 9180653xxxx9
Nikki Realtors 9198861xxxx0
Ring Road Realtors 9198450xxxx0
Make A House Realtors 9199805xxxx9
Zunaira Realtors Pr... 9199012xxxx3
Canara Realtors 9198455xxxx7
HSR Property & Real... 9198863xxxx4
Shree Lakshmi Realtors 9192431xxxx0 Land planning autho...
Abc Realtors 9180252xxxx9
IMAGE Realtors and ... 9180259xxxx5
Safco Properties 9197411xxxx5
Taj Real Estate 9193422xxxx7
Active Properties A... 9180414xxxx2
M Nichini Properties 9180222xxxx8
Suresh Real Estate ... 9193428xxxx4
Bangalore Properties 9184466xxxx6
Properties Club Hub 9193419xxxx7
FA Real Estate & FA... 9198866xxxx3 Real estate agency
Rk`s Estates & Prop... 9180222xxxx6
Venkateshwara Real ... 9180232xxxx9
Victory Marketing R... 9180234xxxx2
Chaitanya Properties 9180491xxxx1
S.M.K Real Estate 9180229xxxx1
7 Hills Properties 9180234xxxx3
Sri Ambika Real Estate 9198440xxxx5
Sri Hari Properties... 9180222xxxx0 2.5 (2) Estate Agent
Hindustan Propertie... 9180699xxxx0
Bangalore Propertie... 9199867xxxx7