List of It Director in Bengaluru (Karnataka)

Name Phone Email Address Reviews Ads Category
Department of Informat... 9180220xxxx1 4.1 (17) Government office
Additional Director Ge...
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3.3 (8) Corporate office
KGID Director Office
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3 (1) Government office
Conexgen Technologies ... 9199009xxxx5
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Software company
Office of Additional D... 9180255xxxx5
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4.1 (15) Central Government ...
Directorate of Economi... 9180222xxxx8
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5 (1) Government office
SSL Infotech 9177600xxxx9
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5 (13) Software company
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4.2 (31) Software company
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Software company
Director General Quali...
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Government office
Jobs in Bangalore 9199646xxxx6
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4 (4) Unemployment office
Friday Media Tech Indi...
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4.4 (23) Software company
INSTITUTE OF DIRECTORS 4.8 (5) Corporate office
Income Tax Department,... 9180228xxxx4 4 (2) Tax department
Department of Industri... 9180223xxxx6 4 (1) Government office
Commissionarate of Emp... 9180251xxxx0 3.4 (37) Government office
Office of the Managing... 9180222xxxx8
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404.8 (23) State government of...
Karnataka State Indust... 9180222xxxx1
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3.7 (3) State government of...
Directorate Of Medical... 9180228xxxx0
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1.4 (140) City government office
Office of The Director... 9180266xxxx6
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4.7 (6) Government office
NYKS State Office Bang... 9180231xxxx4
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884 (1) Corporate office
Rakuten India 9180677xxxx0 4.6 (107) Corporate office
Karnataka Prison Head ... 9180222xxxx3
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4.1 (13) State government of...
Visvesvaraya Trade Pro...
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4.8 (9) Government office
Ample Technologies 9180456xxxx0
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3.5 (417) Corporate office
Epitome Infotech Solut... 9180411xxxx5
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4.2 (40) Software company
Central Office 9180229xxxx4
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454.7 (51) Education Councils ...
Infosys Building 23 & ... 9180285xxxx1
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794.3 (41) Software company
Springwiz Solutions Pr... 9180222xxxx4
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5 (1) Corporate office
Directorate of Minorit... 9180225xxxx0
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3.2 (165) Government office
Atalji Janasnehi Kendr... 4 (27) Government office
Income Tax Office 9180228xxxx3 3.9 (63) Tax department
Atomic Minerals Direct... 4.8 (16) Central Government ...
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4 (497) Association or orga...
KrypC Technologies 9180437xxxx4
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4.7 (34) Software company
Meadows Knowledge Serv... 5 (4) Software company
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Software company
Lowes Services India P... 9180676xxxx0
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4.4 (700) Software company
Timbre Media Pvt Ltd
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3 (1) Corporate office
Favorich Group 9180223xxxx3
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4.5 (15) Corporate office
Best Data Provider Com...
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443.9 (80) Business to busines...
Huawei Technologies In... 9181232xxxx5
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3.3 (4) Software company
United Way Bengaluru 9180409xxxx5
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4.3 (76) Non-profit organiza...
Material Technology Di... 9180220xxxx4
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4.7 (6) Research institute
Synophic Worldwide 9180490xxxx0
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4.2 (74) Corporate office
Terapact technology Pv...
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2.3 (3) Corporate office
Karnataka state coir d... 9182124xxxx9 4.3 (3) Government office
Vayu Group LLC 9198807xxxx1
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5 (4) Software company
IIITB Back Gate 9180414xxxx7
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215 (3) University department
Brandhorizon - Brand c... 9199005xxxx5
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4.6 (9) Business management...
TRUGlobal Software Ind... 9180675xxxx7
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3.6 (121) Software company
Central Government Hea... 9180255xxxx0
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3 (26) Government office
Xiaomi Technology Indi...
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4.5 (17) Corporate office
SilverPeak Global Pvt.... 9180412xxxx9
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4.3 (36) Corporate office
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5 (1) Corporate office
SpicaWorks India Pvt L...
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5 (6) Corporate office
BigCity Promotions 9180405xxxx0
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4.5 (510) Marketing agency
Lam Research India Pri...
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4.7 (47) Corporate office
Department Of Pre-Univ...
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2.8 (841) Education Councils ...
Madras Global 9180675xxxx0
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4.5 (14) Corporate office
SPERA MANAGEMENT PVT L... 9199860xxxx1 4.9 (9) Business management...
Informatica Business S... 9180402xxxx0
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4.5 (791) Business center
Galore Networks Pvt Lt...
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3.3 (26) Corporate office
Mzaya Pvt. Ltd. 9188842xxxx3 Consultant
MSME Development Insti... 9180231xxxx1
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4.3 (31) Central Government ...
Apptio India LLP
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4.3 (12) Software company
ColorTokens 9190360xxxx0
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3.9 (72) Corporate office
ASK wealth advisors
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4.2 (5) Corporate office
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1 (1) Corporate office
St. Peters Funeral Und... 9198440xxxx7
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4.3 (4) Funeral director
CBRE Bangalore 9180407xxxx0
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4.2 (281) Commercial real est...
ArisGlobal 9180662xxxx7
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3.8 (270) Software company
Renesas Electronics 9180672xxxx0
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4.4 (60) Business Centre
BNI 9199452xxxx0 4.1 (17) Business management...
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Business management...
Human Rights Council O... 9180329xxxx7
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5 (2) Social services org...
Gopalan Enterprises 9180493xxxx1
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4.2 (266) Technology park
Red Travel 9180955xxxx7
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5 (4) Travel Agent
BRIDGEi2i Analytics So... 9180674xxxx0
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4.4 (182) Business management...
Jubilant Motor Works P... 9180462xxxx1
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4.2 (40) Corporate office
AdvantEdge Healthcare ... 9180490xxxx0
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4.3 (60) Corporate office
Aviationskybiz Pvt Ltd 9196761xxxx4 5 (1) Aviation consultant
Bhoruka Power Corporat... 9180222xxxx1
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4 (14) Corporate office
Koochie Global Corpora... 9180405xxxx7
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5 (5) Corporate office
McAfee Software India ... 9180665xxxx0
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4.5 (1168) Software company
Savills Bangalore
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4.6 (23) Estate Agent
Bangalore Management A... 9180255xxxx2
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Association or orga... 9180010xxxx8
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2.7 (16) Employment agency
Artizen Interiors Pvt.... 9180490xxxx0 4.2 (110) Corporate office
Foscher Private Limite...
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Shoe factory
Cinco Magnificos Tradi... 9180675xxxx9
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5 (6) Construction Company
Habitat Ventures 9180414xxxx0
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4.7 (354) Construction Company
Center for Development...
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4.4 (172) Research and produc...
Gensler 9180670xxxx0
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4.5 (80) Interior designer
D C Office, Bangalore ... 9180222xxxx2
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3.2 (73) State government of...
Ub International Tradi... 9180307xxxx0 Leather goods manuf...
K.R.Pradeep and Co 9180222xxxx6
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2.5 (2) Chartered accountant
Skylo Technologies 9180688xxxx8
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4.4 (25) Telecommunications ...
Sterling Developers 9180434xxxx3
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4.3 (47) Construction Company
PSI CRO Pharma India P...
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Pharmaceutical company
Science Gallery Bengal...
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5 (2) Association or orga...
Dealshare 9172200xxxx0
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3.9 (148) Indian grocery store
Regal Urban Private Li... 9188800xxxx7
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Property Developer
Allergan India Private... 9180222xxxx5
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3.6 (18) Pharmaceutical company
R K Infra Pvt Ltd 9180411xxxx5
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4.5 (28) Architectural Designer
George P. Johnson Even... 9198860xxxx8
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4.6 (30) Event management co...
Ideaspring Capital 9180684xxxx0
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Venture capital com...
A S Cargo Movers (P)Lt... 9180222xxxx7
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4 (1) Freight Forwarding ...
ISRO Data Centre
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4.5 (35) Government office
Rukmani Forgings Priva... 9180222xxxx3
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5 (1) C Steel distributor
Fortius Infra Develope... 9180494xxxx0
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4.3 (44) Estate Agent
Concorde Group (Market...
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3.7 (3) Real Estate Builder...
Ocean Constructions 9180255xxxx0
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Advertising agency
Chiratae Ventures 9180404xxxx6 4 (8) Investment service
RMZ Corp 9180400xxxx0
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4.5 (140) Property Developer
Brindavan Hydropower P... 9180411xxxx2 Electric Utility Co...
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Pharmaceutical company
duta formulations priv... 9180675xxxx1
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Pharmaceutical company
Nimhans OPD Block 9180269xxxx0
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513.5 (117) Hospital department
Pooram & Pooram 9180263xxxx8 3 (2) Company
NORWICH HIGH School, B... 9190033xxxx1
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CBSE School
Reserve Bank of India 9180221xxxx1
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4.2 (147) Central bank
Appro Lubes Private Li... 9180222xxxx2
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1.5 (2) Company
JUICE JUNCTION 9180956xxxx0
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3.6 (11) Juice bar
NVIDIA Graphics Pvt Lt... 9180669xxxx0
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4.8 (152) Corporate office
Qvc Realty Developers ...
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Estate Agent
Practo Technologies Pr... 9188805xxxx9
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4.1 (568) Software company
BARC (POcTA) guest hou...
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5 (1) Government office
The/Nudge Foundation
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4.2 (210) Non-profit organiza...
Gleam Health Care
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Rehabilitation center
Matheson Bosanquet 9180411xxxx2
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4.7 (3) Tea exporter
Diageo India 9180222xxxx5
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4.3 (75) Corporate office
Kingsmarque 4.7 (11) Property Developer
Elematec Trading India...
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Jain (Deemed-to-be Uni... 9180466xxxx0
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4 (1566) University
Taj West End, Bengalur... 9180666xxxx0
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4.5 (12292) Hotel
Millennium Pools Pvt L... 9180255xxxx3
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4.1 (37) Swimming pool contr...
BDO India LLP 9180681xxxx0
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5 (11) Tax Advisor
Excise Department - As... 9194489xxxx5
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3.8 (1054) Indian Grocery Shop
Karnataka State Wareho... 9180265xxxx5 4.3 (3) Corporate office
R. Girish Aradhya Mana... 9180220xxxx0
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4 (2493) Hotel
Karnataka Secondary Ed... 9180233xxxx4
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3.6 (566) Board of education
Hydraulic cylinders 9180283xxxx7
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4.5 (50) Hydraulic equipment...
Institute of Laser & A... 9178386xxxx9
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4.6 (120) Educational institu...
Water Resources Develo... 9180223xxxx3
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Bmcri - Bangalore Medi... 9180267xxxx0
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4.4 (1031) Medical school
Torry Harris Integrati... 9180418xxxx0
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4.1 (570) Restaurant
Office Of Joint Direct... 9180222xxxx4
Electronics Test & Dev... 9180283xxxx4
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4.8 (18) Government office
Kalanidhi school of da...
Karnataka State Touris... 9180223xxxx8
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4.1 (1984) Hotel
Karnataka secondary ed... 9180233xxxx4
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Director's Bar 9180407xxxx3
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4 (6568) Restaurant
Karnataka Rural Infras... 9180280xxxx6
STI Infotech Private L... 9180234xxxx5
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Rural Development And ... 9180222xxxx1
Department Of Archaeol... 9180228xxxx3 4.2 (958) Art gallery
Podium Block 9180228xxxx8 3.6 (9) Government office
Deputy Director Off... 9180266xxxx5 4.2 (18) Government office
Joint Director (Adm... 9180222xxxx7 Government office
The Assistant Direc... 9197434xxxx4 Government office
The Director Of Agr... 9180228xxxx5 Government office
Pension Payment Tre... 9180222xxxx3 3.8 (9) Pension office
Transworks It Servi... 9180255xxxx2 Call center
PFSI Solutions Pvt.... 9180490xxxx8 Business management...
ConspireIT Solution... 9180329xxxx0 Software company
District Treasury B... 9180222xxxx5 3.8 (5) Government office
Vedatech India Soft... 9180222xxxx1 Software company
Office Of Joint Dir... 9180222xxxx1 5 (1) Government office
Department of Indus... 9180222xxxx3 3.7 (3) Government office
Zeeman Technologies... 9180414xxxx1 Software company
Econnect & India Li... 9180253xxxx0 Computer consultant
Archaeological Surv... 9180234xxxx0 4.8 (6) City government office
Datanet Systems Lim... 9180661xxxx2 1 (1) Computer consultant
Chandra Sekaran 9180234xxxx4 Chartered accountant
ALANKAR 9190369xxxx4 4 (1) Software company
Aevista 9197313xxxx1 Food and beverage c...
Esco Electronics Pr... 9180221xxxx8 Electronics
Temple3 Consulting ... 9180675xxxx0 Corporate office
Bagamane Venture 9194493xxxx7 Property Investment
Project Director(Aids) 9180222xxxx5 Medical centre
Bookanto Solution P... 9191088xxxx7 4 (4) Corporate office
Dancing And Musical... 9180228xxxx5 4.1 (55) Fountain
Auro Display India 9194483xxxx3 Manufacturer
TRAINING FIRST SOLU... 9198450xxxx0 Training centre
Techtronics 9180233xxxx3 3 (2)
Locuspace Solutions... 9198457xxxx8 4.3 (3) Real estate agency
Varun Sharma 9197431xxxx2 2.5 (2) Hindu temple
Prashanth Crushers ... 9180234xxxx8 Corporate office
Dasari Builders Pvt... 9180490xxxx0 4.4 (46) Construction Company
Pom Systems & Servi... 9180234xxxx8 Company
Amar Formulators & ... 9180222xxxx7 Water damage restor...
Asvini Kumar A 9180255xxxx8 3.5 (2) Computers
A7 Entertainment 9198861xxxx7 5 (2) Event management co...
Ramachandran V 9180285xxxx9 Insurance agency
Rentique 9178998xxxx8 4.7 (3) Clothing Shop
Bangalore Leather &... 9180233xxxx4 Leather Goods Shop
Tantia Industries P... 9180255xxxx8 1 (1) Manufacturer
Provenance Research 9180434xxxx4 Research foundation
UDVEE INFRA PVT LTD 9195380xxxx0 5 (1) Construction Company
Fresh Spaces Pvt Ltd. 9199300xxxx1 Business networking...
Gti Exports Private... 9180234xxxx1 3.3 (3) Exporter
Suman Electric Udyogs 9180231xxxx6 Electrical supply s...
Innovative Diagnost... 9176194xxxx0 3.3 (6) Diagnostic centre
Garuda Grand Ventur... 9176760xxxx0 Estate Agent
Shubha N 9180235xxxx0 Architect
Neha kumar 9198172xxxx1 Home help
Cbci Society For Me... 9180255xxxx4 5 (5) Education
R L Chemicals Priva... 9180266xxxx1 5 (1) Chemical industry
Bhanu 9180233xxxx8 Gift shop
Sri Vinayaka Cnc Tech 9180234xxxx4 5 (2) Machining manufacturer
Jobs 9176760xxxx5 3.8 (6) Home help
Groupon Shared Serv... 9180465xxxx9 4 (200) Corporate office
JW Marriott Hotel B... 9180671xxxx9 4.5 (17935) Hotel
Wellness & Nutritio... 9180645xxxx3 4 (1) Fitness centre
M M Rubber Co Ltd 9180233xxxx1 Rubber products sup...
Balachandra A 9180233xxxx0 Doctor
H.R. Manjunath 9199807xxxx5 5 (2) Lawyer
Karnataka Power Tra... 9199019xxxx6
Assistant Director ... 9180223xxxx0 Retail
Department Of Archa... 9180228xxxx6
Department Of Indus... 9180235xxxx1
Karnataka Education... 9180223xxxx2
Hindu Rudra Bhumi B... 9197313xxxx3
Indian System Of Me... 9180228xxxx5
Thought Works 9194486xxxx1 Retail
Karnataka Education... 9180222xxxx6
Director St Patrick... 9180255xxxx3
Housing Department ... 9180220xxxx3
Karnataka Film Dire... 9199865xxxx8
Lingayaka Rudra Bhumi 9199862xxxx8
Department Of Archa... 9180228xxxx7
Joint Director Gene... 9180255xxxx5
Director Lrde 9180252xxxx8
Laborate 9198160xxxx9
Director General Of... 9180228xxxx3
Karnataka Rural Inf... 9180280xxxx2
Vividhbharati Benga... 9180222xxxx7
Devanahalli Town Mu... 9180228xxxx0
Bhoochetana Program... 9180256xxxx7
Commissioner for Ca... 9180221xxxx2
Karnataka Power Tra... 9194483xxxx0
Vyoma Lites 9196322xxxx3
Director Centre For... 9180266xxxx2
Karnataka Institute... 9180254xxxx2
Agriculture Departm... 9182779xxxx1
Ravi Shankar B R & Co 9199801xxxx3 Chartered accountant