List of Therapists in Kuala Lumpur (Kuala Lumpur)

Name Phone Email Address Reviews Ads Category
Share Resolve Psycholo... 0040503505702987337166544xxxx5
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85 (3) Psychologist
Kin & Kids Kuala Lumpu... 601866xxxx2
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234 (4) Psychologist
MentCouch 603271xxxx2
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4.7 (13) Psychologist
Serene Psychological S... 601877xxxx2
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24.3 (32) Psychologist
MindWell: Modern Psych... 601254xxxx8
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315 (9) Psychologist
Serene Psychology Cent... 601282xxxx7
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4 (13) Mental Health Services
Oasis Place Sdn Bhd 603227xxxx1
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334.6 (23) Psychologist
The Mind Faculty 603620xxxx9
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293 (73) Mental Health Services
Rekindle Centre for Sy... 603620xxxx8
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134.2 (5) Marriage Counsellor
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4 (33) Psychologist
People Psychological S... 601789xxxx7
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634.9 (17) Mental Health Services
International Psycholo... 603272xxxx4
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563.8 (117) Mental Health Services
Effective Living Sdn B... 603224xxxx4
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4.5 (2) Psychologist
Holistic Counseling Ps... 601093xxxx3
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5 (1) Psychologist
Aloe Mind - Mental hea... 601780xxxx4
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204.9 (46) Mental Health Services
MY Psychology (MY �... 6011334xxxx0
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4.9 (189) Mental Health Services
Dr. Lâle Merlet Clini... 601787xxxx1 5 (1) Psychologist
Le Pont Counseling and... 601259xxxx8
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5 (4) Counsellor
ZR Counselling 601235xxxx9 5 (5) Counsellor
InPsych Psychological ... 601733xxxx6
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143.9 (9) Mental Health Services
The Inner Lynk 601952xxxx9
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584.8 (20) Counsellor
Solace Wellness 603331xxxx5
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655 (9) Psychologist
Sharan Kaur - Psycholo... 601220xxxx0
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Mental Health Services
Aspire Counselling Ser... 601760xxxx5
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5 (1) Family counsellor
Dr Nivashinie Mohan 603414xxxx4
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Nur Psychology Center ... 601723xxxx2
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5 (1) Family counsellor
My Bowen Therapy KLCC 601025xxxx0
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274.9 (49) Physiotherapist
Faith Foo -Counseling,... 601271xxxx3
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4.7 (17) Counsellor
Psycle Psychological S... 601877xxxx7
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5 (2) Mental Health Services
NH Edu-Health Manageme... 603425xxxx8
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4.5 (4) Mental Health Clinic
PsyAsia International ... 4595038659034074826242493xxxx9 Human resource cons...
PANTAI Therapy Centre 603793xxxx0 4.9 (8) Hypnotherapy service
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4.5 (17) Physical Therapy Cl...
WQ Park Kuala Lumpur 601930xxxx5
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4.8 (20) Rehabilitation Centre
Relationary 603561xxxx0
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Mental Health Services
Dr Seed Specialist Cli... 601280xxxx5 3.5 (26) Mental Health Services
Sinar Ceria Therapy Ce... 603414xxxx0 4.9 (18) Educational consultant
BENPHYSIO @ KL 601028xxxx5
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645 (158) Physiotherapist
Care Speech & Language... 603216xxxx8
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42 Language school
Ding Psychology Centre 603772xxxx8
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434.6 (18) Psychologist
Cell Quest 601083xxxx4
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5 (4) Medical group
The Mind Psychological... 603793xxxx6
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30 Psychologist
Dr Lennie Soo (360 Wel... 601233xxxx5
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243.7 (3) Mental Health Services
Healife Integrative He... 601840xxxx3
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4.8 (122) Alternative medicin...
JOGOHEALTH STROKE & PH... 603403xxxx3
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4.8 (30) Physiotherapist
Center For Psychologic... 603209xxxx2
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3.7 (7) Mental Health Services
Physiowerkz @ Soho Sui... 601021xxxx0
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5 (63) Physiotherapist
MyPhysio Menara Maxis 603230xxxx4
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5 (2) Physiotherapist
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4.4 (9) Corporate office
Autism Behavioral Cent... 601228xxxx7
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804.7 (35) School
VisceroLymph Therapy 601223xxxx3
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5 (31) Health consultant
Shujin Therapy Zone 601928xxxx4
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4.5 (317) C Massage therapist
Process Psychology Cen... 601237xxxx8
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4.9 (42) Mental Health Services
Mouse & Cheese Speech ...
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975 (4) Doctor
Kuala Lumpur Hyperbari... 601336xxxx3
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5 (1) Specialised Clinic
Armels Sports Recovery... 601340xxxx5
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4.1 (7) Physiotherapist
Precise Rehab Titiwang... 601975xxxx6
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5 (92) Physiotherapist
SOL Integrative Wellne... 603402xxxx9
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4.8 (229) Alternative medicin...
Qamaras Sensory Therap... 601227xxxx8
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5 (1) School
Linas Counselling Cafe 601224xxxx5
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5 (1) Counsellor
You & I Speech Languag... 601726xxxx3
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Speech Pathologist
Stem Cell Therapy Asia 603220xxxx8
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4.7 (7) Wellness Centre (Phy... 601022xxxx8
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5 (6) Physiotherapist
KYRA SPA & THERAPY - Z... 6011402xxxx5 5 (7) Tutor
Synapse Physiotherapy ... 603218xxxx4
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5 (36) Physiotherapist
Tan & Ng Psychiatry Cl... 603796xxxx8
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2.8 (37) Mental Health Clinic
Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Ther... 603201xxxx9
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4.9 (35) Health consultant
Sun Time Vision Specia... 603211xxxx7
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4.5 (27) Ophthalmology Clinic
The KL Sky Clinic 601027xxxx9
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4.9 (502) Mens health physician
1TCM Pavilion Kuala Lu... 6011594xxxx2
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4.9 (54) Acupuncture clinic
Aromann Male Massage T... 603216xxxx2
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4 (87) Massage therapist
REGEN Physio & Sports ... 601920xxxx7
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5 (143) Health consultant
SP Men Bukit Bintang 601422xxxx8
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Sports massage ther...
Uroheal (Dr.Datesh Dan... 603216xxxx9
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4.8 (39) Urologist
Malaysian Physiotherap... 603261xxxx3
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Apple Physio Rehab (KL... 601623xxxx0
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5 (36) Physiotherapist
Wellness Art Training ... 601237xxxx6
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4.9 (126) Massage school
MY DREAM SPA-Outcall M... 601027xxxx4
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4.9 (27) Sports massage ther...
DSCVRY Ampang 601254xxxx4
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4.5 (92) Physiotherapist
Pavilion KL Getha Slee... 603238xxxx6
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4.8 (40) Bed shop
Your Physio Ampang - S... 603426xxxx8
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5 (545) Physiotherapist
Nexus Clinic 601692xxxx9
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4.8 (337) Skin care clinic
TAGS Chiropractic & Re... 603278xxxx2
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4.9 (54) Specialised Clinic
Sweet Massage Outcall ... 601738xxxx6 4.8 (17) Massage therapist
AOW Therapy Oil Kuala ... 6011186xxxx3
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Health and beauty shop
sweatspa ️ Great Eas... 601725xxxx8
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4.7 (48) Wellness Centre
Alainn Clinic Kuala Lu... 603218xxxx9
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4.8 (23) Skin care clinic
La Jung Clinic 601038xxxx0
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4.7 (13) Skin care clinic
Premier Clinic - KL Ci... 601266xxxx2
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4.8 (581) Skin care clinic
Holistic Arogya Sdn Bh... 603405xxxx3
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5 (54) Ayurvedic clinic
Ozmosis Wellness Spa (... 601237xxxx2
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4.4 (72) Massage spa
Relax Two Traditional ... 603226xxxx8 4.7 (381) Massage therapist
Siam BodyWorks (Menara... 603202xxxx6 4.5 (250) Massage spa
Delight Outcall Massag... 601738xxxx6 5 (6) Massage therapist
Dermalene Skin Centre ... 601267xxxx0
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5 (117) Skin care clinic
KL Sound and Music Hea... 601298xxxx6
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Wellness Centre
Body Perfect 603216xxxx2 4.8 (103) Beauty Salon
UR SPA 603277xxxx8
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4.9 (500) Spa
Trambellir Sdn Bhd 603840xxxx5
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5 (1) E-commerce service
AsterSpring Pavilion K... 601938xxxx7
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4.5 (50) Facial spa
Energy Wellness Group 603425xxxx3
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3.5 (24) Day spa
Into Balance Therapy 01822xxxx7
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5 (31) Physiotherapist
Amazing Speech Therapy... 01295xxxx5
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574.8 (23) Speech Pathologist
Andolfi Family Therapy... 01021xxxx8
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LCCH Therapy Centre 03228xxxx4
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Hypnotherapy service
Rejoy Health Therapy S... 03277xxxx8
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4.1 (20633) Shopping Centre
DBC Physiotherapy 03216xxxx5
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Zeneland Hypnotherapy ... 01620xxxx9
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5 (18) Health consultant
Qamara's Sensory Thera... 01227xxxx8
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The Outcall Therapy 01877xxxx9
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4.2 (9) Massage therapist
Physio Asia Therapy Ce... 01622xxxx9
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5 (2) Physiotherapist
Bb Regain Therapy
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Ma-ye Holistic Chinese... 01266xxxx2
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Centre For Image Guide... 603794xxxx2
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3.2 (1054) University hospital
LCCH Pantai Therapy Ce... 03228xxxx4
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Damansara Sports Medic... 603773xxxx2
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4.8 (118) Physiotherapist
beeFluent Speech Thera... 011563xxxx3
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4.9 (43) Speech Pathologist
Cherry therapist 601496xxxx6 4.5 (6) Massage spa
CLM 011550xxxx0
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5 (7) Non-profit organisa...
Speechelp 03795xxxx8
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5 (3) Speech Pathologist
Grace House Speech The... 011160xxxx5
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4.9 (59) Speech Pathologist
Counseling Room 2 - KP...
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ABRI Integrated Mental... 01271xxxx3
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4.8 (13) Counseling & Mental...
Chakran Traditional Ma... 011114xxxx9
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4.4 (102) Cafe
Joyce Hue - Mind Thera... 01080xxxx5
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4.9 (13) Hypnotherapy service
Lovin2Learn Speech The... 01264xxxx8
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5 (1) Speech Pathologist
Ageless Aesthetics Sdn... 03620xxxx4 4.2 (12576) Taiwanese restaurant
YAPCHANKOR Pain Treatm... 03798xxxx6
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4.8 (46) Physiotherapist
Cyriax Physio Rehab Ce... 03277xxxx7
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4.5 (4) Physiotherapist
Pau Physiotherapy 01021xxxx0
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5 (9) Physiotherapist
Home Link Physiotherap... 011210xxxx5
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5 (8) Physiotherapist
Natural Vision Therapy 01620xxxx7
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4 (1) Retail
Yu Therapy 01220xxxx3
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4.9 (73) Hypnotherapy service
Northern Medical Labor... 03928xxxx3 2 (4) Medical laboratory
BEYOND Home Therapy 011616xxxx8
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5 (59) Occupational therapist
Fenmous Antioxidant Ho... 603228xxxx9 5 (1) Wellness Programme
Forestra Home Spa Ther... 01955xxxx8
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3.2 (6) Resort hotel
HealthLand Family Well... 03797xxxx3
Canadian Rehabilitatio... 03405xxxx4
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1 (1) Counseling & Mental...
Mum N Kids Club Presch... 03789xxxx5
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Platinum Physiotherapy 01788xxxx3
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5 (17) Physiotherapist
Home Rehab Physiothera... 011313xxxx0 4.4 (25) Motorcycle shop
SO Stretch 03620xxxx6
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4.1 (15) Physical Therapy Cl...
Sabai Relax Massage 01021xxxx9 3.7 (20) Thai massage
BeLive In Psychology 601820xxxx3
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PJ Mentalink Care 603793xxxx7
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3.7 (11) Counseling & Mental...
Ozone Therapy Centre 601327xxxx9
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HAN Therapy Care Ce... 603928xxxx0 Clinic
BackToHealth (M) Sd... 603216xxxx5 Physical Therapy Cl...
Sham Therapy Centre 603404xxxx1 4.3 (6) Occupational therapist
Speech and Language... 601233xxxx5
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Speech Pathologist
Natural Harmony Alt... 603209xxxx2
Kids Ark Therapy Ce... 6011152xxxx3 Occupational therapist
Little BIG Voices S... 601836xxxx7
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5 (2) Speech Pathologist
FisioFirst Sdn. Bhd. 603269xxxx1
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Occupational therapist
DR PSYCHOLOGY - Mal... 6011143xxxx6 Mental Health Services
Hyperbaric And ECP ... 603920xxxx4
Oong Sports Massage... 601640xxxx8
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5 (11) Sports massage ther...
Traditional Chinese... 603207xxxx2 Health
Platinum Physiother... 601788xxxx3
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5 (38) Physiotherapist
Pusat Therapy Everh... 603928xxxx8
kedai urut sentul (... 601080xxxx5 5 (3) Physiotherapist
Top To Toe Beauty T... 603214xxxx5
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5 (2) Beauty Salon
AOW MR Therapy Oil ... 601332xxxx3 Health and beauty shop
Beauty Point Skin &... 603905xxxx2 Beauty Salon
Shinestars Magnetic... 603928xxxx5 Medical supply store
Persatuan pembangun... 601339xxxx7 2 (1) Massage therapist
Bintang Relax Refle... 603285xxxx2 4.1 (245) Massage therapist
therapy bidara oil 601727xxxx3
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Beauty product supp...
Rophe Foot Relexolo... 601963xxxx2 Massage spa
Sunrise Foot Reflex... 603429xxxx3 Massage spa
Roots Therapy & Lic... 01235xxxx9
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Perniagaan Master L... 03203xxxx6
Qihnang Tcm Therapy 01660xxxx7
Cs breauty therapy 01736xxxx7
Chang Chun Medical ... 03562xxxx7
Stem Cell Therapy M... 01782xxxx8
Speech and Language... 01233xxxx5
BE Idea Therapy 01334xxxx7
Baba Chong Heart Th... 01266xxxx3
AL Marwah Therapy 01338xxxx0
Kenny Chee Traditio... 01223xxxx8
Nathan Therapy & Re... 03404xxxx3
AOW Therapy Oil Kua... 011186xxxx3 Retail
Kids Ark Therapy Ce... 011152xxxx3
Wellshire Therapy C... 03627xxxx1
DSL Therapy 03797xxxx5
SENZ Therapy Centre 0913xxxx1
Sempre Beauty Thera... 03269xxxx3
Izan & Zainal Therapy 01337xxxx6
Crystal Light Therapy 01661xxxx2
Jingbo Therapy & Re... 03798xxxx1
Oriental Medicine a... 0628xxxx3
BEA Therapy Sdn Bhd 03620xxxx8
Colour Vibration Th... 03917xxxx4
Yishenhao Health Th... 01431xxxx2
Jari Jemari Remedia... 01660xxxx9
Kiddypedia Learning... 01388xxxx8
Raindrop Therapy (R... 01229xxxx3
Rose Power Naturopa... 011354xxxx1
Solace Therapy Centre 01959xxxx5
AOW MR Therapy Oil ... 01332xxxx3
Pusat Terapi Patell... 03227xxxx5
Access Counseling S... 03410xxxx7
Ci Sheng Medical Un... 03807xxxx9
Traditional Chinese... 03207xxxx2 01821xxxx9
WAN Therapy Centre 01226xxxx3
Tara Thai Therapy 01233xxxx1
Dr. Azimuth Bioherb... 01966xxxx9
School for de soul ... 01023xxxx3
Kk Herbal Spa Refle... 0882xxxx7 Retail
Herbal Therapy 03917xxxx9 Retail
Traditional Han's R... 03928xxxx1
Swiss Imperial Ther... 03905xxxx6
Rm 35 Rawatan Thai ... 03928xxxx4
Ancient Therapy 03928xxxx8
Hirudinaria Therapy 01236xxxx3
Polum Foot Reflexol... 03227xxxx6
MD Li Gong Therapy 01263xxxx3
Bintang Relax 03285xxxx2
Hook Aroma Therapy ... 01663xxxx7
Garra Rufa Fish The... 03228xxxx8
Speech Therapy Center 01367xxxx6
Ozone Therapy Centre 01327xxxx9
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Bintang Relax Foot ... 03211xxxx3
Massage Kuala Lumpur 01824xxxx2
Rehab Performance 01765xxxx3
Akshayah Ayurvedic ... 01691xxxx0
Bali Bali Aroma The... 011123xxxx1
Lavender Aroma Therapy 03618xxxx7
Prowell Mobile Phys... 01253xxxx8
Paoh Shen Thong Med... 0450xxxx8
Sheer Rine Skin Care 01250xxxx2
Sainliny Beauty The... 03798xxxx8
Clara International... 03429xxxx8
MADONNA MASSAGE-Pro... 01630xxxx9
Serenity Hair & Nai... 01821xxxx7
Slimrite Body Thera... 03216xxxx6
Comfy Beauty & Body... 03228xxxx5
Hyperbaric And ECP ... 03920xxxx4
Sentul Utara's Parking 01264xxxx5
HV Physio Solution ... 01020xxxx5
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Saturnia Health & B... 03627xxxx5 Retail
Holistic Therapy Sp... 01925xxxx1
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Thumb To Toe Therapy 01228xxxx4
Andrew Ng Therapist... 01236xxxx6
XINFONIO Skin Beaut... 5 (3) Beauty Salon