List of Dry Cleaners in Kampala (Kampala)

Name Phone Email Address Reviews Ads Category
Spotclean Drycleaners ... 2564146xxxx8
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3.6 (5) Dry cleaner
Lolo Laundry and Dry C... 2567777xxxx3 5 (1) Dry cleaner
White Rose Dry Cleaner... 2567725xxxx9
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394.2 (5) Dry cleaner
Drip N Dry Cleaners 11861470xxxx7 5 (2) Dry cleaner
White Lily Drycleaners 2567097xxxx7 5 (1) Dry cleaner
SPICLAUNDRY 2567047xxxx9 Dry cleaner
REGINAS DRYCLEANERS AN... 2567534xxxx1 4.3 (7) Dry cleaner
Sk Perfect Dry Cleaner... 2567028xxxx7 Dry cleaner
Tidy class drycleaner 2567562xxxx1 Dry cleaner
M&D Professional Dry C... 2567795xxxx3 Laundry service
hapex drycleaners and ... 2567585xxxx1 5 (3) Dry cleaner
Pickup laundry service... 2567006xxxx4 Laundry service
Dry Cleaners And Bouti... 2567531xxxx5 Boutique
Great hope drycleaners... 2567532xxxx6 Cleaning Services
Twinkle Laundry Limite... 2567781xxxx7 4.9 (15) Laundry service
Margnolia Petals Dry C... 2567043xxxx1 5 (1) Dry cleaner
Puragum Solutions 2567828xxxx7
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5 (11) Commercial cleaning...
SPIC DRY CLEANER AND L... 2567047xxxx9 General store
shine launderies 2567556xxxx2 Dry cleaner
Holy Waters Internatio... 2567582xxxx8 5 (3) Laundry service
7star Cleaning Service...
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4.4 (8) Commercial cleaning...
JMobile Laundry Servic... General store
Magma Cleaning Service... 2567828xxxx2 4.8 (8) House cleaning service
uganda 2564143xxxx5
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Admas Dry Cleaners ... 2567500xxxx1 Dry cleaner
Real Dry Cleaners 2564142xxxx5 5 (4) Dry cleaner 2567852xxxx4 5 (1) Dry cleaner
Universal Dry Cleaners 2564142xxxx0 Dry cleaner
chreaser Laundry Se... 2567760xxxx7 5 (1) Dry cleaner
masters professiona... 2567891xxxx4 5 (1) Dry cleaner
Showstain Dry Cleaners 2567528xxxx1 5 (1) Dry cleaner
Sky Dry Cleaners 3xxxx9 Dry cleaner
Fine Services 2567535xxxx3 Dry cleaner
Clean Consult Ltd. 2567724xxxx7 3.5 (2) Dry cleaner
laudry and dry clea... 2567754xxxx2 Dry cleaner
Alison DryCleaners ... 2567520xxxx0 3.3 (4) Dry cleaner
Express Laundry & D... 2567724xxxx8 Dry cleaner
Zik Dry Cleaners An... 2567843xxxx6 Dry cleaner
Real Dry Cleaners &... 2567827xxxx6 Dry cleaner
Mm Dry Cleaners And... 2567043xxxx9 5 (1) Laundry
Fresco Dry Cleaners... 2567753xxxx5 Dry cleaner
Clear Rinse Dry Cle... 2567745xxxx1 Dry cleaner
Perfect Dry Cleaner... 2567564xxxx7 Dry cleaner
Clean King Laundry ... 2567026xxxx8 2.5 (2) Laundry service
Clean Touch 10xxxx7 2 (1) Dry cleaner
Spot Wash 2567909xxxx2 1 (1) Dry cleaner
Shine Dry Cleaners 2567823xxxx0 Dry cleaner
Dunwell DryCleanaers 2567758xxxx8 Dry cleaner
Riz Laundry and Dry... 2564146xxxx8 Dry cleaner
SHINE DRY CLEANERS 2567011xxxx6 Laundry
Jamgroom Dry Cleaners 2567528xxxx3 Charity
SBK DRY CLEANERS AN... 2567581xxxx8 Dry cleaner
Laviz Dry Cleaners ... 2567755xxxx5 5 (1) Laundry
Laviz drycleaners a... 2567755xxxx5 5 (2) Laundry service
Flora Day Cleaners 2567534xxxx4 Dry cleaner
Jinkan Dry Cleaners 2567055xxxx4 Charity
Super Clean Dryclea... 2567723xxxx2 4 (2) Laundromat
Singal Gonzaga Dry ... 2567839xxxx3 General store
IsmaS Dry Clean Shop 2567012xxxx3 General store
Fresco Cleaning Ser... 2567753xxxx5 5 (5) Laundry service
Quality Dry Cleaner... 2567740xxxx5 General store
Masters Proffession... 2567746xxxx4 5 (2) Laundry service
Press And Clean Dry... 2567866xxxx4 5 (1) Laundry service
Mmanna Grill Dry Cl... 2567858xxxx2 General store
Hope dry cleaners &... 2567584xxxx1 Professional organizer
Mm Dry Cleaners And... 2567763xxxx9 General store
DS CLASSIC DRYCLEAN... 2567594xxxx5 3.5 (2) Dry cleaner
Barbie Dry Cleaners 2567884xxxx2 General store
Thomlonma Dry Clean... 2567555xxxx0 General store
Johnson Dry Cleaner... 2567886xxxx1 General store
KwikWash Launderette 2564145xxxx8 Laundromat
SBK DRY CLANERS 2567851xxxx8 Laundry
Beta Dry Cleaners A... 2567724xxxx7 General store
Sparklin Dry Cleaning 2567042xxxx3 3.9 (173) Shopping mall
Clean Wash Laundry ... 2567590xxxx0 Laundry service
Jones Drycleaning A... 2567758xxxx4 4.5 (2) Laundry service
Superior Dry Cleane... 2567515xxxx9 General store
SANIT CLEAN DRY CLE... 2563932xxxx2 5 (1) Corporate office
Logijika Dry Cleane... 2567524xxxx9 General store
Clean Plus Laundry ... 2567031xxxx7
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5 (2) Laundry service
Sk Bobbi And Dry Cl... 2567529xxxx7 General store
Gucci Drycleaners A... 2567560xxxx9 General store
Exodus Dry Cleaners... 2567525xxxx6 4 (1) Laundry service
Solena Cleaning Ser... 2567588xxxx8 Janitorial service
Spotoff Cleaning se... 2567755xxxx9 5 (2) Curtain and upholst...
Affordable fumigati... 2567575xxxx9
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Pest control service
St. Balikuddembe Ma... 2564143xxxx6 3.7 (1749) Market
Sheraton Kampala Hotel 03123xxxx9 Hotel