List of Kerala Medical Device Company in Kochi (Kerala)

Name Phone Email Address Reviews Ads Category
Mohans Electronics & I... 9148425xxxx8
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5 (5) Medical Equipment M...
Ibis Medical Equipment... 9180057xxxx3
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174.7 (18) Medical Equipment M...
Biomed Electronics 9148423xxxx5
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4 (1) Medical Equipment M...
Kottak Medical Systems... 9199466xxxx9
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4.5 (16) Medical Equipment M...
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Medical Equipment M...
Scientific Enterprises... 9198470xxxx4
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844 (4) Manufacturer
Kerala Surgicals 9148423xxxx8
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183.5 (17) Surgical supply store
TECHSURE Medical Devic... 9193888xxxx8
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85 (4) Medical equipment s...
Calicut Biomedicals 9198471xxxx2
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Medical Equipment M...
Kinsmen Medicare Syste... 9193882xxxx0
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155 (11) Medical Equipment M...
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464.6 (10) Medical Equipment M...
Draeger India-Kochi 9148440xxxx8 5 (2) Medical equipment s...
Skanray Technologies P... 9148440xxxx8
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5 (2) Medical Equipment M...
Aeon Medical Devices 9148423xxxx0
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Medical equipment s...
Kochin Inlab Equipment... 9148423xxxx8
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754 (5) Medical equipment s...
Trichur Surgicals 9148424xxxx4
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4.4 (16) Surgical Products W...
Asiatic Industries (In... 9179074xxxx4
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5 (2) Medical Equipment M...
Beta Healthcare produc... 9148424xxxx0
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51 Medical Equipment M...
Jit & Jit Products 9193887xxxx8
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344.1 (13) Hospital equipment ...
Arkon Medical Systems
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295 (3) Medical equipment s...
Allengers Medical Syst... 9198884xxxx0
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4 (2) Medical Equipment M...
Schiller Healthcare In...
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5 (1) Medical equipment s...
Pc Mediquips 9148423xxxx7
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Medical Equipment M...
India Medtronic Pvt Lt... Medical Equipment M...
Laboratory Equipment S... 9148423xxxx4
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4.7 (16) Laboratory equipmen...
Criedo Healthcare 9196330xxxx8
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5 (7) Medical equipment s...
Hind Meditronics
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Medical Equipment M...
Medtech Remedies Pvt L... 9195671xxxx0 Medical equipment s...
Cyrix Health Care Priv... 9197445xxxx3
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445 (26) Medical equipment s...
Vazhayil Hospital Supp... 9198472xxxx0 5 (8) Wholesaler
Euro Oxycare Pvt. Ltd. 9195918xxxx0 Oxygen equipment su...
Biophoton Technologies... 9179944xxxx2
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5 (5) Medical Equipment M...
Oxytech Surgical 9148423xxxx7
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4 (4) Surgical supply store
J D Diagnostics Pvt Lt... 9148423xxxx1
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5 (2) Medical equipment s...
LABLINE Instruments 4 (4) Medical Equipment M...
Telenova 9198470xxxx2
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Medical supply store
Safe Me Surgicals - Wh... 9195670xxxx9 5 (5) Surgical supply store
Nagarjuna ayurvedic
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4 (1) Medical supply store
TGN Technologies Priva... 9199461xxxx9 Medical Equipment M...
Best Medicals 9199958xxxx4 5 (3) Medical supply store
Ambili Medicals 9198469xxxx4 5 (4) Medical supply store
Welso Medicine & Welln... 9181368xxxx9
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4.7 (78) Pharmacy
Supplyco medical store 9148422xxxx5 Medical supply store
Spark Meditech Pvt Ltd
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5 (2) Surgical supply store
Roys Surgicals 9180783xxxx7
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4.8 (26) Surgical supply store
Young Brothers 9148423xxxx4 4.5 (2) Medical Equipment M...
LIMAS Medical Devices ... 9148426xxxx2
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274.7 (3) Medical Equipment M...
Esquire Surgicals 9148423xxxx4 4.7 (3) Surgical supply store
BESTON Industries 9148522xxxx9
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3 (1) Medical Equipment M...
Santhigiri Ayurveda & ...
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5 (2) Medical supply store
Health Ware 9148440xxxx5
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Medical Equipment M...
Lifemed Techologies Pr...
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Medical equipment s...
Olive Endoscopy 9199952xxxx0
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Medical Equipment M...
INDUSTRIAL & MARINE SU... 9148440xxxx0
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5 (10) Marine supply store
Agappe Diagnostics Ltd 9148428xxxx0
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993.9 (81) Manufacturer
Suraj Hi-tech Private ... 9194460xxxx5
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5 (7) Manufacturer
Loyal Medicos Pvt Ltd 9188489xxxx3
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714.9 (92) Medical supply store
SEVANA MEDINEEDS PVT L... 9148426xxxx9
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814.2 (10) Medical Equipment M...
Aston Alvis 9194470xxxx4 5 (1) Medical supply store
Kaleido Health 9199958xxxx9
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5 (11) Pharmacy
White Pharma 9194472xxxx9 Pharmacy
MKR XRAY PRODUCTS 9198470xxxx1
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5 (2) X-ray equipment sup...
OLYMPUS MEDICAL SYSTEM... 904.3 (3) Corporate office
UV Care
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5 (9) Medical Equipment M...
Trivitron Healthcare P...
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973 (2) Store
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5 (2) Medical equipment s...
Sherbrooke Aluminium P... 9148423xxxx1
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4.9 (7) Aluminium Supplier
AKSHAYA COMMUNITY PHAR... 9194962xxxx0 4.8 (6) Medical supply store
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4 (1) Medical supply store
Careon Healthcare Solu... 9175599xxxx9
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214.3 (37) Corporate office
Ernakulam Medical Cent... 9148429xxxx0
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453.5 (485) Private hospital
Aag India Private Limi... 9148428xxxx2
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3.9 (7) Fire protection equ...
PEEPL Automation 9190611xxxx8
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4 (16) Corporate office
Amrita Institute of Me... 9148466xxxx4 624 (1972) Hospital
Meril Diagnostics Priv... 9148440xxxx5
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3 (2) Diagnostic center
Nidra Associates 9148440xxxx1 4.3 (4) Medical group
A&M Healthcare 9194477xxxx1
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3.3 (7) Corporate office
Gesco Healthcare pvt L...
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5 (1) Pharmaceutical company
Hear One Hearing aid c... 9185478xxxx4
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5 (37) Medical equipment s...
LIFESTAR PHARMA PVT LT... 9148460xxxx5
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3 (2) Pharmaceutical company
Skin Clinic and Pharma... 9148440xxxx0
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4.3 (198) Skin care clinic
Medical Trust Hospital 9148423xxxx1
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413.9 (765) Private hospital
Government Medical Col... 9148427xxxx0
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4.3 (293) Medical school
Life Vision Medi 9185890xxxx5
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Medical equipment s...
A & A Enterprises 9148427xxxx0 3 (1) Medical Equipment M...
Global Institute of Ce... 9148440xxxx0
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4.7 (76) Training centre
Cochin Shipyard Limite... 9148425xxxx0
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4.5 (379) Shipyard
Ubio Biotechnology Sys... 9197441xxxx9
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654.5 (72) Biotechnology company
Patanjali Store 9199612xxxx0
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3.4 (54) Supermarket
V I N T O N 9148424xxxx6
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4.6 (5) Metal fabricator
VPS Lakeshore Hospital 9148427xxxx3
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4.3 (1672) General hospital
Cabot Technology Solut... 9148440xxxx5
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864.7 (69) Software company
Forever living Product...
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4 (1) Health and beauty shop
Keith Electronics Pvt ... 9148424xxxx5
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4.5 (8) Telecommunications ...
Concert Food Products ... 9148424xxxx1
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Lia Georson PVT LTD - ... 9148443xxxx0
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5 (7) Computer accessorie...
Nithin Unnikrishnan
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Air conditioning sy...
Oriental Medical & ... 9148423xxxx3 Medical supply store
Spectrum Biomedical... 9198958xxxx1 5 (2) Medical Equipment M...
Cochin Surgical Sup... 9189435xxxx8 5 (2) Surgical Products W...
Delite Surgical Com... 9198461xxxx0 4 (2) Surgical supply store
Falcon Internationa... 9194465xxxx2 5 (4) Surgical supply store
Sivakripa Associates 9196336xxxx8 5 (6) Medical equipment s...
Cochin Pharma 9148423xxxx7 4.8 (4) Pharmaceutical Prod...
K.S. Medical Distri... 9192494xxxx6 3.5 (2) Medical equipment s...
Hosmech Medical System 9148423xxxx6 3.9 (9) Medical supply store
Pulikkal Surgical D... 9148423xxxx2 4.5 (2) Medical supply store
COCHIN MEDOXYGENS 9148424xxxx5 Oxygen equipment su...
Purple Medical Solu... 9148440xxxx9 4 (1) Medical Equipment M...
Relief Medicals Koc... 9194464xxxx6 Medical supply store
Klarvoyant Biogenic... 9148423xxxx0 Medical Equipment M...
Spectrum Pharma 9188489xxxx4 4.8 (4) Medical supply store
Rose Pharma - Ayurv... 9148423xxxx8 4.1 (7) Pharmaceutical company
Kiran Techno Servic... 9198460xxxx0 Medical Equipment M...
Biomedics 9148423xxxx0 5 (1) Medical supply store
Central Traders 9148423xxxx2 Medical Equipment M...
LENORA GLOVE PVT. LTD. 9194953xxxx1 Medical Equipment M...
Trust Medical Solut... 9148465xxxx0 Medical supply store
Haritha Medicals 9199955xxxx9 5 (3) Medical supply store
Medtech 9148424xxxx8 Medical equipment s...
Amruthasree Medicals 9148424xxxx2 5 (1) Medical supply store
Palachuvadu Medicals 9148424xxxx7 4.7 (3) Medical supply store
Dana Medicals 9197472xxxx9 3.3 (3) Medical supply store
Supplyco - Maveli’s 9148423xxxx4 3 (3) Medical supply store
Lobo Medicals 9199950xxxx8 4.4 (5) Medical supply store
Sevana Medicals 9192872xxxx0 3.9 (8) Medical supply store
Wellness Medicals 9194472xxxx2 5 (1) Medical supply store
Sevana Medicines 9192872xxxx1 4.4 (15) Medical supply store
Life Care Medicals 9190481xxxx3 4.8 (5) Medical supply store
Maria Medicals Chit... 9190484xxxx2 Medical supply store
Top-Care Surgicals 9148423xxxx2 5 (1) Surgical supply store
Supplyco Medical Store 9184823xxxx3 4 (1) Medical supply store
Keyar Medicals 9148422xxxx7 4 (2) Medical supply store
Devi Medicals 9148423xxxx6 3 (1) Medical supply store
Joseph Medicals 9195260xxxx6 5 (1) Medical supply store
Captab Formulations 9198460xxxx2 Medical supply store
Gem Medicals 9148422xxxx0 2.5 (2) Pharmacy
VITAL SURGICALS 9180784xxxx0 4.8 (38) Surgical Products W...
Sahakarana Medical ... 9148424xxxx5 5 (1) Medical supply store
Akshaya Medical Store 9148423xxxx6 4.6 (7) Medical supply store
Vanitha Ayurcare Pr... 9180899xxxx0 5 (2) Medical supply store
Sankar Medicals 9198950xxxx8 4.5 (2) Medical supply store
Medcare 9148423xxxx0 3.4 (8) Medical supply store
Charath Medicals 9180892xxxx6 Drug store
Ria Medicals 9148423xxxx9 3 (1) Pharmacy
Jan Aushadhi Store 9195625xxxx5 5 (2) Medical supply store
Ziya Medicals 9199466xxxx3 5 (1) Medical supply store
Jeeva Medicals 9148422xxxx1 5 (2) Pharmacy
Apotekere Wellness ... 9148440xxxx8 4.9 (24) Pharmacy
Beeta Medicals 9190375xxxx5 Drug store
Shifa Medicals 9148426xxxx3 Medical supply store
Capt Krichnan & Co 9148426xxxx9 Surgical supply store
Anugraha Homeo Shop... 9194965xxxx8 4.8 (21) Medical supply store
V Star Medicals 9198955xxxx1 3 (2) Pharmacy
HI GENE HOTEL EQUIP... 9189433xxxx2 4.4 (5) Hotel supply store
Cochin Surgicals 9198091xxxx8 5 (32) Surgical Products W...
RX Electronics 9148423xxxx0 4.3 (247) Electronics store
Pradhan Mantri Bhar... 9179071xxxx3 5 (4) Medical supply store
Kaaizeen Meditech P... 9148425xxxx7 5 (2) Manufacturer
Amigo Medical Systems 9190379xxxx2