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Tor**to, M5xxxx2

College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario

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Pet*******gh, K9J

Cameron, B.C., Dr.

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Tor**to, M6G

Dr. Claudio Borgono

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Nor*****rk, M6xxxx9

Dr. Mark Sager

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Mis******ga, L5xxxx9

Dr. Ila Maneklal Patel

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Mis******ga, L4xxxx6

Dr. B S Nanar (MD)

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Sca******gh, M1xxxx9

Dr. May Li Go

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Sca******gh, M1E

Dr Farrukh Khan

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Sca******gh, M1xxxx7

Dr. Parekh Neal

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Sca******gh, M1xxxx6

Dr. Janette Milne

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Sca******gh, M1xxxx3

Dr. Robert Kwan

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Eto****ke, M9C

Dr. Janusz Stefan Swierczek

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Bra***on, L7xxxx4

Khin Maung Myat

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Mis******ga, L5N

Glen Derry Professional Walk-In Clinic

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Eas****rk, M4xxxx4

Dr Yuliya Baryla

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Eas****rk, M4xxxx5

Dr. Kevin S. Levitt

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Bra****rd, N3xxxx5

Dr. Michael Woolfrey

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Tor**to, M6xxxx4

Dr. Preeti Jain

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Tho****ll, L4xxxx3

Dr. Allan Moll

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Con**rd, L4xxxx2

Dr. Tuba Aksoy

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Bur*****on, L7xxxx5

Dr. Raja Sumaira Jamal

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Nor*****rk, M2xxxx2

Dr. Dana Liang

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Ric********ll, L4xxxx6

Dr Sarah Ortega

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Ric********ll, L4xxxx2

Dr. Bernholtz, Jeffrey Jay

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Mar**am, L3xxxx4

Dominic Chow

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Mar**am, L3xxxx1

Dr. Wei-Mei Pang

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Bra***on, L6xxxx4

Dr. Verinder Malhotra

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Bra***on, L6xxxx1

Dr Aggarwal Naresh

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Bra***on, L6xxxx9

Franco Tavazzani Dr

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Bra***on, L6xxxx9

Dr. P. P. S. Sandhu

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Bra***on, L6xxxx3

Km Medical Center

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Bra***on, L6xxxx7

Dr A Dhaliwal

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Bra***on, L6xxxx5

Dr. Nikhil Gupta

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Eto****ke, M8xxxx2

Dr Tina Liu-PNg

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Bra****rd, L8xxxx2

Dr. Bashar Alolabi, MD, MSc, FRCS(C)

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Ott*wa, K1xxxx4

Lamira Medical Centre

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Man***ck, K4xxxx2

Dr Tracey Ross

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Ham***on, L9xxxx6

Dr Agustin Moreno

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Win**or, N9xxxx1

Wilson Robert J Dr

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Win**or, N8xxxx6

Dr. Jean-Marc Bastien

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St.*********es, L2xxxx4

Dr. Mathura Ravindran

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St.*********es, L2xxxx2

Dr Muhammad K Khawar

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Bar*ie, L4xxxx2

Dr Patrick Doorly

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Bar*ie, L4xxxx1

Dr. Manolakos

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Kan*ta, K2xxxx1

Bedford R Dr

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Ott*wa, K2xxxx6

Dr JC Gauthier MD FRCSC

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Bra****rd, N3xxxx9

Dr. Scott Elliott

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Bra****rd, N3xxxx9

Dr. Ronald William Book

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Sud**ry, P3xxxx9

Sudbury, Ontario

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Sud**ry, P3xxxx9

Dr Sandra Cameron

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Pet*******gh, K9xxxx3

Cozens, K.L., Dr.

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Pet*******gh, K9xxxx5

Knutson C W MD

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Poi*******rd, N7xxxx4

Dr.A Rudovics

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Nor****ay, P1xxxx2

Raffaele Dellaquila

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Woo****ck, N4xxxx7

Dr David Snider

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Win**or, N8xxxx1

Dr. Charles Mc Farlane

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Mar**am, L6xxxx7

Dr Brigitte Monrose

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Kit****er, N2xxxx3

Dr. Dan Charleton

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Tor**to, M4xxxx7

Dr Kathryn Healey

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Cor***ll, K6xxxx7

Dr. Sigrid Fuchs-Garcia

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Ott*wa, K1xxxx9

Dr. P.D. Davison

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New****et, L3xxxx1

Dr Jerome A. Green

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Lin**ay, K9xxxx7

M D Adelaide MD

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Aur*ra, L4xxxx4

Dr. Vant Voort

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Bel*****le, K8xxxx3

Dr Emma Struthers

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Bel*****le, K8xxxx3

Dr Colin Struthers

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Nor****ay, P1xxxx3


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For****ie, L2xxxx7

Dr Che Claudius

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Geo*****wn, L7xxxx9

Dr. M. F. Poonah

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Car*********ce, K7xxxx3

Dr. Scott Higham

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Bra***on, L6xxxx1

LifeCare Medicentre

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Sca******gh, M1xxxx6

Dr. Francia Jayarajah

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Nor*****rk, M2xxxx9

Dr. Fadie Amin

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Wat***oo, N2xxxx2

Dr. Siva Appavoo

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Osh*wa, L1xxxx8

Dr. Vatinee Thassanapaff

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Nor*****rk, M3xxxx3

Allen Berkal

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Tor**to, M4xxxx8

Dr. Lisa Ballinger

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Uni*****le, L3xxxx5

South Unionville Health Centre

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Dr. Radenka Bozanovic, MD

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Mis******ga, L4xxxx7

Dr. Tommy Hong

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Kit****er, N2xxxx9

Dr. Kordish

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Wat***oo, N2xxxx1

Dr. Edward Martins

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Dr Franklin Ossai

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Win**or, N9xxxx8

Dr. Zahrebelny

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Pet*******gh, K9xxxx3

Wesolowski, M.A., Dr.

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Pic****ng, L1xxxx6

Steeple Hill Medical Centre

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Nor*****rk, M2xxxx1

Dr. Hilario See

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Lon*on, N5xxxx7

Dr. Stephen Wegener

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Mil*on, L9xxxx7

Dr. Saif Dawood

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Tor**to, M6xxxx9

Hedy Ginzberg, MD

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Tor**to, M4xxxx9

Dr F Papadopoulos

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Mil*on, L9xxxx5

Agnes Kucharska MD

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Ham***on, L8xxxx2

Go Physiotherapy

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Ham***on, L8xxxx3

Hadcock Steven Dr

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Ori**ia, L3xxxx6

Price-Jones Greg Dr

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Tor**to, M2xxxx5

Parkway Forest Recreation Centre

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Tor**to, M5xxxx5

Ramanna, Dr Raj

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Tor**to, M5xxxx2

College Of Physicians & Surgeons Of Ontario

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Cam****ge, N1xxxx1

Dr Ashish Porwal-Pediatrician

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Cam****ge, N1xxxx3

Foote Margaret Dr

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Sault Ste. Marie ON P6A, 3C6

Brynlea Barbeau Medicine

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Bra******ge, P1xxxx5

Drohomyrecky Anthony Dr

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Pem***ke, K8xxxx7

Baxter, Dr Brian

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Tor**to, M4xxxx7

Leke Badmos Medicine Professional Corporaton

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Ham***on, L8xxxx8


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Yorrk, M5xxxx7


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Port Colborne ON L3K, 6G9

Dr. Wayda

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Mis******ga, L5xxxx4

Dr Anand

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Ott*wa, K1xxxx4

Dr Ramy Abaskharoun

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Mar**am, L3xxxx3

North Toronto Endoscopy Clinic

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Mil*on, L9xxxx9

Kwan Kevin Dr

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Eto****ke, M9xxxx9

Ghadirian Medicine

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Rus**ll, K4xxxx1

Dr. Gerry Heymans

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Surrey, BCC

Dr. Rakesh Chehil

College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario

Name College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario

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Bio College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario licenses & regulates Ontario doctors to protect public interest. Trusted Doctors Providing Great Care 🩺

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5Physician Toronto https://cp634c3960ca/
74Physician Ottawa https://cp634c3960ca/
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93Physician Kitchener https://cp634c3960ca/DoctorDetails/A-Wang/0041508-55484
48Physician Oshawa https://cp634c3960ca/DoctorDetails/A-Sharma/0172978-74607
90Physician Peterborough https://cp634c3960ca/DoctorDetails/M-Maraschiello/0265984-92939
68Doctors Ottawa https://cp634c3960ca/
74Surgeons Ontario, CA https://cp634c3960ca/
74Cardiologist Ontario, CA https://cp634c3960ca/
57Otorhinolaryngology Hamilton, OH https://cp634c3960ca/
7Otorhinolaryngology Toronto, OH http://cp634c3960ca/DoctorDetails/Oh-Alfred-Young-Gul/0149110-72183

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