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API Endpoints


This endpoint will allow you to view the search history for your D7 Lead Finder Account. Up to 500 searches are returned. Any more ID's should be cached by your app.

Sample Response

This endpoint will allow you to get the lead data for any of your searches using the ID reference.

The type of data you can get via the API is shown here:
name (business name), phone, website, email, category (main category), address1(street), address2(area), region(state), zip, country, googlestars(x/5 stars google), googlecount (num reviews on google), yelpstars, yelpcount, fbstars, fbcount, ig_followers (num followers on IG), ig_follows (num following on ig), ig_isbusiness (if is IG biz account or normal), ig_media_count (total media count), twitter(profile url), facebookprofile url), instagramprofile url), linkedinprofile url), fbpixel(if using fb pixel), schema(if using seo schema), gremarketing(if using google remarketing), ganalytics(if using Google Analytics), lianalytics(if using linkedin analytics), uses_wp(if uses wordpress), uses_shopify(if uses shopify), mobilefriendly(if website is mobile friendly) and the business Google Rank for the search keyword and location. The rest of the data on D7 isn't possible to provide via the API at this time.

Please note that your blacklist and filters (hide leads that...) will apply to the API output too. This will help you you save a lot of development time.

Sample Response

This endpoint will allow you to fetch a new leads list.

You will receive back the searchid which you should store either in memory or your database. The value wait_seconds will be returned. Your app should call the /results/ endpoint with this ID after the stated time.

You can use any city format (Miami - Miami FL - Miami Florida etc) and the best matched location will be returned. Country code should be an ISO 2 Character Country Code. Keyword may be any value but best results come from using the /keywords/ endpoint

Please note that multiple calls to this endpoint with the same query will use multiple credits. Please submit each job only once for best use of your credits.

The system will either return the search ID and number of seconds or one of the following error codes:

  • {"error":"invalid_country"} - Country code should be 2 chars
  • {"error":"invalid_location"} - City name empty or not found
  • {"error":"invalid_key"} - API Key Invalid
  • {"error":"invalid_keyword"} - Keyword Empty
  • {"error":"rate_limit_5_seconds"} - Try again. Rate limit is 1 search every 5 seconds
Sample Response

This endpoint will allow you to see your remaining search and used search count for today, aswell as time until limits reset (in seconds).

Sample Response

This endpoint will allow you to see search suggestions. Please note these are just suggestions you can use or provide to your end user. The system will take any input provided.

Sample Response