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About D7 Lead Finder

This tool started as an internal project between a group of marketing professionals. Over time we invited others to contribute and have access to the tool. In 2017 we decided to launch the tool free to the public.

Whilst there is a significant cost in running this project, I don't currently need any financial contributions (this may change with more growth). If you do wish to give something back, I would be extremely happy if you considered donating to a charity close to my heart, such as:

For those who used the project during 2017 and early 2018, you will have noticed big changes to the way the system works. Most of the changes are cosmetic, but I've also added some big changes under the hood to speed up the results. You will notice a few new tools and export options too, which I felt were missing.

Until now I had made myself pretty much unreachable except to the most determined people, now this has changed, I've put a contact form on the site, please feel free to send suggestions. For those wishing to remove their business data, please use the Removal Tool - due to the volume of requests, these will be ignored via the contact form. At this moment, we aren't accepting data changes, only removals.

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